‘Maari 2’ Movie Review!

‘Maari 2’ will answer for why Maari wears heavy gold chains!

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Direction: Balaji Mohan

Production: Wunderbar Films

Cast: Dhanush, Krishna, Tovino Thomas, Sai Pallavi, Varalaxmi, Robo Shankar & Kalloori Vinoth

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematography: Om Prakash

Editor: Prasanna GK

As a second part of ‘Maari’ which was released on the year 2015, Balaji Mohan’s ‘Maari 2’ has been much expected on screens due to the ‘mass naughtiest don’ story. However there is a saying all around the K Town that any second part movie won’t be coping with the first part, will ‘Maari 2’ change that aspect? Let this review give an idea about this ‘masala action movie’ in detail.


Maari remains to be a naughtiest don in Chennai city whereas he works under Velu (smuggler) and values Velu’s son Kalai (Krishna) as his best friend whom he brings out with his great care and love from cocaine addiction. Gangadhar Beeja –Thanathos (Tovino Thomas) thinks himself to be a ‘Death of God’ who wanted to kill Maari for a long time revenge because of Maari killing his one and only brother. On the other hand, Vijaya Chamundeshwari, District Collector (Varalaxmi) warns Maari to stop arrogance and illegal activities. Having such scenario, one of the competitors of Velu tries to make drug smuggling business through harbour which comes to notice of Maari and his friend Kalai. Kalai’s younger brother in order to see more money, he works with the opponent by diverting this business dealing to be started by Maari in order to have a tug of war between Kalai and Maari and gets killed by Thanathos such that the blame falls in the hands of Maari. Thanathos then tries to kill Maari where an auto driver girl, Anandhi (Sai Pallavi) saves him from the dangerous gun shot. Then after Maari disappears for 8 years whereas Vijaya gets information that Beeja is on board for standing as a candidate in an upcoming election. What happens next? Will Maari kill Thanathos and make Kalai knew about his innocence in his brother’s death? What will happen to Anandhi then? Will Thanathos kill Maari as well? Will Vijaya try to help Maari to escape from Thanathos? What will happen to Kalai? Where will be Maari? Will he come back or will be vanished without any clue? How the arrogance of Thanathos will be stopped? The climax of ‘Maari 2’ will prove if ‘Maari is bad or a dad’!


Until and unless the screenplay is running with continuous mass scenes with so much multiple heroic entries of Dhanush, Tovino and Kaali (Dhanush’s son), the story had lags only during the love portions and song sequences. The same reflex boomerang style was used in the stunt scenes while the effort of Sai Pallavi and Dhanush (also Krishna) has been effectively seen in this dance portions of the film. However the hard work of Balaji Mohan for making every scenes with punch dialogues, fights and dance were seen to be maintained with great care throughout the movie, it seems like they have done huge sets for songs and for stunt sequences which is not needed at all. With the retaining mass and romance, Dhanush has played everything which he had done in ‘Maari’, ‘Thangamagan’ and as a mix of the performances of his other movies. Not that attractive with the songs like Anirudh gave in the first part, Yuvan has done the maximum with background scoring in ‘Maari 2’. Few logic errors were then and there like Uber Auto branding shown like in the year of ‘Baasha’ movie release which were quite disturbing, it was disappearing with the engaging story somehow! Cinematography and editing seems to be interesting and engaging throughout the movie, the same essence with similar color tones in visuals were maintained in this second part as well.


Dhanush just like in first part, he had proved his maximum in the second part but with additional six packs show in the end such that some portions of Sai Pallavi seemed very over exaggerated at some instances whereas she has proved her equal contribution with dance and with her cute smile. Krishna and Varalaxmi has done their performances well as much as needed for their characters but then the comedy sequences of Robo Shankar and Kalloori Vinoth has not that great like their performances in the first part. Vidya Pradeep who has appeared in 3 to 4 scenes with small dialogues was ok. Kaali Venkat, ‘Aadukalam’ Naren and other supporting actors were performing in tit bit roles well. Last but not the least, how can we not appreciate the efforts of the new comer ‘villain’ from Mollywood? Tovino Thomas as a debutant in this entire cast, has tremendously performed well competing equally to ‘Maari’, but without the long hair it might have been looking little more matured. Tattoos and the gold tooth were good and different for portraying his characterization as a person who wanted to kill people, the movie seemed to be with right flow throughout because of his performance.

What works?

1) Dhanush, Sai Pallavi

2) Cinematography, Dance and background score

What doesn’t work?

1) Tovino’s prominent Malayalam slang in some scenes

2) Comedy portions of Robo Shankar & Kalloori Vinoth

On the whole, ‘Maari 2’ is a good ‘masala action movie’ which can be enjoyed for entertainment if you don’t compare with the first part!


‘Maari 2’ will answer for why Maari wears heavy gold chains!



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