‘Silukkuvarupatti Singam’ Movie Review!

‘Silukkuvarupatti Singam’ Movie Review!

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Direction: Chella Ayyavu
Production: Vishnu Vishal Studioz
Cast: Vishnu Vishal, Regina Cassandra, Oviya, Yogi Babu, Karunakaran & Livingston
Music: Leon James
Cinematography: J. Laxman
Editor: Ruben

After the blockbuster hit of ‘Ratsasan’, Vishnu Vishal has been very much excited for the release of ‘Silukkuvarupatti Singam’ which involved Regina Cassandra, Oviya, Yogi Babu, Karunakaran, Anandaraj, Livingston and many other actors. Introducing Director Chella Ayyavu who was working previously as an assistant to Director Ezhil through this movie, we can very understand that ‘Silukkuvarupatti Singam’ will be a complete jolly entertainer with romance, action and funny elements. Further let this review give a brief idea about ‘Silukkuvarupatti Singam’!


Sathyamoorthi (Vishnu) is a normal police constable in Silukkuvarupatti village such that he enjoys working without involving into violence and by not questioning the arrogance of ‘Share Auto’ Chandran (Anandaraj) who was a petty don in the village but somehow manages to show himself to be a sincere policeman to his higher officials. However he flirts with so many girls and then falls in love with his childhood love and cousin Raji (Regina) who works as a teacher and thinks only about him since childhood whereas denying this relationship Raji’s dad arranges marriage for her simultaneously. On the other hand, he arrests a terror don without knowing about his don background, Cycle Shankar (Ravi Shankar) from Chennai who actually comes to Silukkuvarupatti for murdering an ex minister, Nilakkottai Narayanan (Mansoor Ali Khan) because of dashing him in a bar while Sathya was about to drop an half boil inside his mouth. How Sathya will be escaped from police without taking over the assignment of catching Cycle Shankar? How Sathya will be escaped from getting caught in Cycle Shankar’s hand? Will Sathya manage Cycle Shankar’s tortures and catch him? Will he stop Raji’s marriage and marry her? The funny moments of handling the issues by Sathya give an answer to the climax of ‘Silukkuvarupatti Singam’!


With the funny storyline, the movie had the complete comedy idea running continuously by the heating up only when Vishnu gets serious only during someone hits him while eating a ‘pepper sprinkled’ half boil with wits of Karunakaran and Yogi Babu in first half and second half respectively, has been very interesting in the screenplay of ‘Silukkuvarupatti Singam’ written by Chella Ayyavu. Lots of comedy, romance, mild action and funny characterizations has been moving the film gradually with continuous flow in the first half, and the movie had unnecessary getup changes of Vishnu which had no use in the story. Interesting background score of Leon James with romance and comedy sequences has been engaging whereas the story seemed to be little laid down with lots of commercial elements. Cinematography of J. Laxman and editing of Ruben were quite decent for a commercial film like ‘Silukkuvarupatti Singam’.


As usual Vishnu Vishal’s performance as a ‘dummy police’ seemed to be energetic and funny for the character he has owed but was over exaggerating with different getups and continuous running and cycling whereas Regina has absolutely added more beauty to the screen with the general heroine role. Karunakaran and Livingston who had played the roles of a newly joined constable and as an inspector respectively have performed well. As a local rowdy, Anandraj and as a terror don, Ravi Shankar have performed their characters well but found weak at some portions approaching the climax. Never disappointing without his instant comedy, Yogi Babu’s portion was funny throughout, from the moment he has entered on screen wearing large t-shirts with funny Tamil statements. All other actors like Mansoor Ali Khan, Singamuthu, Vadivukkarasi, G. Marimuthu and gorgeous Oviya have done their roles well in the instances they appeared.

What works?

1) Yogi Babu comedy portions

2) Cinematography, music and editing

What doesn’t work?

1) Vishnu’s varied getups

2) Weak portions of Sai Ravi and Anandraj

On the whole, ‘Silukkuvarupatti Singam’ is a normal ‘masala-family entertainer’ without having any ‘A’ comedy or double meaning dialogues.

Verdict : ‘Silukkuvarupatti Singam’ is a good runner on screen but not the best!

Ratings : 4/10

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