2 trucks of relief materials were sent by G V Prakash!

G V Prakash has sent 2 trucks with relief materials to areas which were affected by Gaja cyclone.

News 19-Nov-2018 5:12 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Having almost 4 movies in hand, G V Prakash has been waiting for the release of Vasantha Balan’s ‘Jail’, G V is busy with dubbing works after winding up shooting at present. While having his works on his couch, he has sent 2 trucks of relief materials to the areas which were affected by Gaja cyclone such that by knowing the struggles and sorrows of the people affected by the cyclone.

Regarding this, there has been news released stating G V Prakash’s words as, “Without any pity, Gaja cyclone has been a great disaster! The calamity which has been imposed on people has given a terrible sorrow. I felt really bad when I came to know about the loss of farmers who has lost coconut trees, mango trees, houses, cattle and fishermen who has lost boats. They don’t need pity or consolation. We will come forward to help them as much as possible. We will stretch our helping hands with enriched love as much as possible and show humanity.”

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