‘Genius’ Movie Review!

‘Genius’ Movie Review!

Reviews 26-Oct-2018 5:41 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction: Susienthiran
Production: Sudhesiwood Films Pvt Ltd
Cast: Roshan, Priya Lal, ‘Aadukalam’ Naren, Singam Puli & Meera Krishnan
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: R B Gurudev
Editor: G C Anandhan

Directed by Susienthiran, Roshan has produced and acted as a lead in ‘Genius’. As we know that ‘Genius’ has education as the main subject, it has been expected that there will be something very different regarding the pressure of parents to study. The question ‘How will be the movie’ will be answered through the review quoted below.


Dinesh Kumar (Roshan) has a serious and crucial deadline pressure from his Boss to finish a 1 month project in a week which leads in behaving differently to everyone and making everyone annoyed. This is then realized by his parents Ram Murthi and Jaya (‘Aadukalam’ Naren and Meera Krishnan) where they gets to know that Dinesh is tortured to study well in his school without any intervention of any entertainment or sports which has disturbed him till his work life. Having the word of doctor (Jayaprakash) telling him that his son will be in trouble to have as an inpatient inside hospital if the situation goes worse in 3 months, Ram Murthi tries to make Dinesh to be relaxed like Yoga, Jogging and many other ways. How Dinesh gets out of his mental pressure? Who helps him to get out of his mental pressure? Will he be helped from his problem? The remaining quizzes out in the climax.


Portraying the real struggle of kids because of the phrase ‘Studies will only help you to change your life’ that every parent use to insist their kids to study well, Susienthiran has explained the kids’ mentality at present times because of this developed technology and life style. Susienthiran has used montages of how a man enjoy their childhood summer holidays without any pressure about money and living, and how he faces the pressure of education and the money minded urban routine. However having diversion like going to brothel house for treatment and the unwanted twists with background stories of a prostitute and with end climax is not convincing in the second half, the message tried to convey has been conveyed seems to have understood in the perfect moving first half with the soothing songs and music of Yuvan Shankar Raja. Cinematography of R B Gurudev and editing of G C Anandhan looks descent in all frames with apt portrayal of greenly village ambience in between.


Roshan who acts as a mentally stressed person has acted really well as a debut lead which has given 80% of scope for ‘Aadukalam’ Naren to act as a struggling parent to heal the son’s pressure. Meera Krishnan as a mother who understands and feels really sad for the situation her son has been led to because of her husband’s insistence, has done her role very well. Priya Lal who has a flash back of being a nurse and tortured to be a prostitute, has acted well. As usual Singam Puli has done a descent performance as a well-wisher of Dinesh Kumar’s family. ‘Aadukalam’ Jayabalan as Dinesh’s grandfather, Mahesh and ‘Dhaadi’ Balaji have done their cameo roles very well.

What works?

1) Conveyed message

2) Music and Cinematography

What doesn’t work?

1) Second half

On the whole, with the message of giving kids with stress free education and with ample of time to spend time on their interests along with proper sleep and relaxation, ‘Genius’ is a descent movie with more diversions.

Verdict : ‘Genius’ is a ‘descent’ lesson for parents but not for kids.

Ratings : 4.5/10

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