‘Jarugandi’ Movie Review!

‘Jarugandi’ Movie Review!

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Direction: A. N. Pitchumani

Production: Shraddha Entertainment & Shvedh Group

Cast: Jai, Reba Monica John, Amit Tiwari, Daniel Annie Pope and Robo Shankar

Music: Bobo Shashi

Cinematography: R. D. Rajasekhar

Editor: Praveen K. L.

After the release of ‘Kalakalappu 2’, it has been a small gap of watching Jai on screens. Having a commercial face in K Town, Jai’s ‘Jarugandi’ is directed by Pitchumani who has assisted Venkat Prabhu previously along with the bankrolling of actor Nithin Sathya. Expected to be an action drama, ‘Jarugandi’ is stated to be with so much comedy sequences. We will see further in this review if ‘Jarugandi’ will make us still or keep us going.


Sathya (Jai) and Paari (Daniel) gets money through forged documents and tries to get settled in their life with a travel company which results by the knowing and threatening of Police cop (Bose Venkat) to settle him with 10 lakhs as a bribe within 2 days. In order to arrange the money, both the friends get panicked leading with meeting a drunkard and filthy rich guy, Gajendran (‘Robo’ Shankar). Gajendran demands them to make him join his love interest Keerthi (Reba Mohica John) in exchange of money. How they kidnap Keerthi? Will they settle the Police with money? What will be the consequences of kidnapping Keerthi? The rushing journey of ‘Jarugandi’ is revealed in the climax.


With the debut directorial of Pitchumani, ‘Jarugandi’ seems to have the rush completely through the story. However Jai and Daniel start to run for money in the beginning, it makes us confuse for what they are running continuously in the climax of the movie. Besides all these, the travel and the screenplay seem to have the touch of Venkat Prabhu’s mass, colorful and commercial style. But we might also get the feel like “Did they try Nayanthara’s costume from ‘Naanum Rowdy thaan’ to Reba?” because of the costume and character that Reba owed. One thing to be must appreciated is that the background score and the song “Yaaradi Nee…” with Yuvan Shankar Raja’s voice composed by Bobo Shashi will definitely make us get the feel of travel with a bit of romance. The cinematography of R. D. Rajasekhar and the editing of Praveen K. L. throughout the movie keep engaging however it is filled with confusing twists and turns throughout.


Jai who is the hero in the movie as usual takes several jumps and kicks from villain with ultimate action. Reba who is a debut actor in Tamil has been beautiful throughout the movie with an innocent and pitiful background. Daniel as a very hilarious buddy of Jai has done his role well but as not so impressive as in ‘Idharkkudhaane Aasai Pattaai Balakumara’. Obviously with the wits, ‘Robo’ Shankar has played his role with the engaging humor then and there. Amit Tiwari who is the villain is with a passive face but with ultimate action body language till the climax. All other characters like Bose Venkat, Ilavarasu, G. M. Kumar and Jayakumar have done their roles well. Apart from that, Nithin Sathya has also done the 5 seconds cameo role with a sneak and peek look.

What works?

1) Engaging screenplay

2) Cinematography and music

What doesn’t work?

1) Confusing and rushing lags in the second half

2) Usual story

On the whole, ‘Jarugandi’ is a rushing run for life but with an entertaining screenplay with lots of travelling twists and turns.


‘Jarugandi’ is an entertainer but with usual moving on!



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