‘Sanda Kozhi 2’ Movie Review!

‘Sanda Kozhi 2’ Movie Review!

Reviews 18-Oct-2018 1:37 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction: N. Linguswamy
Production: Vishal Film Factory & Pen Studios
Cast: Vishal, Keerthy Suresh, Ramdoss, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Rajkiran and Ganja Karuppu
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: K. A. Sakthivel
Editor: Praveen K. L.

After the blockbuster hit of ‘Sanda Kozhi’ in 2005 starring Vishal, Rajkiran, Lal and Meera Jasmine, the banging family entertainer has been made as a second part with a continuation. Will it be ‘mud storming’ with fights and weapons like first part? What will be the story? Let the review give you some idea about the much expected movie!


Balu returns from abroad to his native land without forgetting the native values and emotions. He gets to know there is a problem among 7 villages because of an issue in the village such that Pechi loses her husband in that fight and waits to kill the last guy (Anbu) from that generation to see him dying with blood shedding and vigorous death in order to fulfill her vengeance. Ayya (Durai) who is a respected person in that village solves this by compromising. Managing and making every one accept for the temple carnival to happen which has been stopped for 7 years due to Pechi’s killing vengeance, Ayya guards Anbu in order to have no problem till the festival comes to an end. In protecting Anbu, will Ayya be in the traps of Pechi? Will Balu take care of temple carnival and be on behalf of Ayya if something happens to him? Will Balu save Anbu? Will the temple carnival be ended in a smooth way? The battle in the mud storming ground answers in the climax of ‘Sanda Kozhi 2’.


Giving continuity to the first part, ‘Sanda Kozhi 2’ will definitely remind about native emotions and responsibilities. That too narrating the story in a village from Tamil Nadu, the native slang has been maintained in the dialogues delivered by all characters. Characterizations with the proper continuation from the first part to this movie have been gradually moving in this storyline. With the fast moving scenes in the first half and with ultimate action stunts, the background score of ‘Sanda Kozhi’ is used in this part which will drive us to the reminder of the first half. However the movie had lags with a usual climax, Lingusamy has briefed a native tradition with the value of any women and how they are seen by people as a final touch. The cinematography of K. A. Sakthivel is slightly matching the vibes of Jeeva & Nirav Shah’s cinematography from the first part. At some instances, the second half is little over rated with more action and emotions can when we compare to the first part.


Vishal’s performance is maintained in the same scale as it was in the first part. More calm, more sweet in talking, wise in deciding and understanding the consequences, Vishal has been carrying over the role with much responsibility after ‘Sanda Kozhi’. Being so naughty and bold, Keerthy Suresh’s performance is kind of over exaggerated then and there with the unwanted flying, hanging and wheeling in XL with kids along with clicking of selfies while wheeling, is way too beyond the realistic feel in the screenplay. May be we can feel like Lingusamy has tried to incorporate the cute role of Meera Jasmine in this part. Regarding Varalakshmi Sarathkumar’s role as the ‘Boss Lady’ ‘Pechi’, she has justified to the role she has carried over throughout the movie by having her face so fascinated and in terror look. However Raj Kiran’s style of holding the dhoti and eating the chicken bones has never changed in this movie as well, he has owed a very responsible role which helps in the development of the story. Ram Doss (Munishkanth) who has been in possible incidents of the movie has made wits then and there also while acting like Rajkiran’s disguise. The remaining supporting actors like Ganja Karuppu, Kabali Vishwanth, Hareesh Peradi and many other actors have done their roles well. Last but not the least coming on screen and making us remind the lines of first part, Lal playing as a cameo role is performed well whereas we can expect at least the director will know the reason why he had made Lal to come as a terror don and end up with the sign off by clicking selfie with Vishal.

What works?

1) Vishal, Raj Kiran and Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar

2) Cinematography and action sequences

What doesn’t work?

1) Unwanted unrealistic scenes

2) Songs

On the whole, if we compare this movie with ‘Sanda Kozhi’, it won’t be up to the expectations whereas as a family entertainer ‘Sanda Kozhi 2’is a completely packed movie with action, romance and emotions.

Verdict : ‘Sanda Kozhi 2’ is a forceful fasting to fulfill the action flooding promise!

Ratings : 5/10

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