‘Ezhumin’ Movie Review!

‘Ezhumin’ Movie Review!

Reviews 17-Oct-2018 3:33 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction: V.P. Viji
Production: Vaiyam Mediyas
Cast: Vivek, Devayani, Azhagam Perumal, Prem and Cell Murugan
Music: Ganesh Chandrasekaran
Cinematography: Gopi Jagadeeshwaran
Editor: Karthik Ram


Arjun(Sugesh) is the only son of a rich couple, Viswanathan and Bharathi (Vivek and Devayani), Having 5 talented friends who are trained in martial arts like in boxing, Karate, Kung fu, Gymnastic and Silambam. Because of not paying the fees, ‘Sundaram Sports Academy’ MD, Sundaram (Azhagam Perumal) sends them out of the academy without considering their talents andeven after knowing that they are shortlisted for a tournament match. Understanding the middle class background of his friends, Arjun dreams to build a sports academy in future. All of a sudden after winning a match, Arjun passes away due to heart attack. In the memory of Arjun, Viswanathan builds a sports academy which is named as ‘Arjun Sports Academy’ leading to give a tight tie with illegal match- fixing ‘Sundaram Sports Academy’. Who will win the matches? How will Sundaram create hindrances for not to make ‘Arjun Sports Academy’ students to win? Who will raise and who will fall? The climax of ‘Ezhumin’ reveals the rest with a message.


Director V.P. Viji has absolutely pinpoints the latest fear of parents of sending their kids to play outside resulting to make them sit inside house and to play video games instead. Listening to news and happenings in today’s society, we get to know there are many abuses and threats happening for kids and women. Viji has given a message to make kids learn martial arts which not only help them in protecting themselves in life but to make their parents feel secured.

With the professional and well trained stunts of the kids, the story gets a proper form which leads to convey on screens about the difficulties that sportsperson faces in his/her career because of match fixing and politics. Although beginning with a fun, family song and with more of depressing sequences like Arjun’s death and kidnapping, the 109 minutes long movie seems to give a lengthy feeling in the first half. And the old technique of sending messages through Pigeons and the investigating sequences of Prem as a police has lagged out the thrilling screen play.

Apart from that, the songs with Dhanush and Anirudh’s vocals and with the background score of Ganesh Chandrasekaran, the cinematography of Gopi Jagadeeshwaran has been the positive technical aspects of ‘Ezhumin’.


Vivek and Devayani have been aptly fixed to the matured couple roles. Well mastered in martial arts, the kids (Praveen, Srijith, Vinith, Sugesh, Kirthika and Deepika) have also done their performances very well without missing out in stunts and with much perfection. Azhagam Perumal as a negative character and Prem as a policeman, the roles were owed in a neat way.

What works?

1) The message conveyed

2) The main 6 characters (kids)

What doesn’t work?

1) Police investigation sequences

2) Logic mistakes

On the whole, with the message of making children to know martial arts apart from studies for protecting themselves in any dangerous circumstances of life, ‘Ezhumin’ is a perfect family drama for this week.

Verdict : ‘Ezhumin’ is a raising voice for protection with martial arts!

Ratings : 4.5/10

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