Vishnu will soon direct a ‘cop’ movie with the real experiences of his dad!

Vishnu has stated that he will be directing a movie inspired with the experiences of his dad as a police.

News 13-Oct-2018 5:46 PM IST Top 10 Comments

With the great response and success of Vishnu and Amala Paul starrer ‘Ratsasan’ directed by Ram Kumar has been going on with a thanksgiving success meet with the reporters today in Chennai. Playing a role of a police, Vishnu’s character had been much welcomed by the audience whereas on the other hand it is also stated that Vishnu is playing a police role in the upcoming movie ‘Silukkuvaaru Patti Singam’. With the question of reporters asking him if he had got any inputs for playing the police role in ‘Ratsasan’ since his dad was a policeman, Vishnu has replied that, “My dad has seen the movie and appreciated me. But I didn’t require any help from my dad for acting the role. The reason is Ram Kumar has already shaped my role in an excellent way. I have also collected most of the experiences of my dad when he was working as a police. I am planning to make a movie out of it. Since I am once again playing the police role in my upcoming movie ‘Silukkuvaaru Patti Singam’, it requires some gap for working on it.

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