‘NOTA’ Movie Review!

‘NOTA’ Movie Review!

Reviews 5-Oct-2018 6:16 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction: Anand Shankar
Production: Studio Green
Cast: Vijay Devarakonda, Nassar, Sathyaraj, Sanchana Natarajan & M. S. Bhaskar
Music: Sam C S
Cinematography: Santhana Krishnan and Ravichandran
Editor: Raymond Derrick Crasta

Vijay Devarkonda who is well recognized as ‘Arjun Reddy’ and who has been sensational with the massive hit of latest ‘Geetha Govindham’, has been much expected for a very long time in the political drama ‘NOTA’. Directed by ‘Arima Nambi’ fame Anand Shankar and produced by Abi & Abi creations and Studio Green, ‘NOTA’ is very much hyped with interesting teaser and trailer.


Varun (Vijay Devarkonda) who has no idea about politics and is much interested to become a game designer in London is forced to handle the CM position of his father (Nassar) due to a corruption case. Somehow trying to manage Varun blindly listens to his father’s subordinates and manages to stay in the position for more than a week. Having a judgment against his father, Varun is dropped in a crucial situation with the sudden breakout of rites by the ruling party and opponent party members in the city. Many lives and routine gets affected with the burning of buses and protests. Mahendran (Sathyaraj) who is a senior reporter helps Varun in handling the crucial situation whereas after owing the CM position officially, Nassar is threatened with a bomb explosion leading to coma and critical situation when he gets released from jail with a bail. On the other hand, Varun gets to know that there are crores and crores of money hidden by his father in abroad on the names of benamies. Varun send his hacker friend in search of that unknown people and freezes all accounts which were stocked as illegal money by his father during his ruling period. On the other hand, Varun gets oppositions and problems from opponent party with the critical situation of floods and rains. Will Varun overcome all the situations and rule the state with full swing? Will Nassar come back in conscious and stop Varun? Generally reporters/journalists question political people than helping them. Why Mahendran is helping Varun about people and politics? What will be the end? ‘War room’ helps in winding up the climax in ‘NOTA’.


Slightly giving the glimpses of ‘Bharath Ane Nenu’ and ‘Mudhalvan’, Anand Shankar has given thrills and expectations throughout the movie till the climax. However it feels like the climax has got over all of a sudden and with the lags it is unwanted to have heroine, Sathyaraj’s flashback and comedian, Anand has reminded about the realistic happenings of the present day politics in the movie with the awareness of using technology like campaigning through videos, projector screens in Secretariat etc., With the thrilling happenings of political story which is hard to accept in reality but has provoked our imaginations that it will be nice if it happens at present. With the waving background score of Sam C S, the thrill in the movie has been induced with a good screenplay.


Seeing him as a lover boy and with a ‘Rowdy’ attitude, Vijay Devarkonda has been seen in a serious character. Owing the right, young CM role, Vijay Devarkonda has played by knowing the importance of the role which is well understood from his performance. Not having much of romance and action sequences, Vijay Devarkonda has proved that he delivers emotions also with perfect body language. Having not so importance and scope for heroine in the story, Mehreen Pirzada and as a daughter who is also a stubborn and opponent political face, Sanchana Natarajan has performed well in the characters they have owed. Being experienced with utmost performance and apt characters, Sathyaraj, Nassar, Karunakaran, Yashika Anand and M S Bhaskar has acted really well.

What works?

1) Portrayal of humorous happenings of present politics

2) Background music

3) Cinematography

What doesn’t work?

1) Comedian and heroine

2) Songs

3) Sathyaraj’s flash back sequences

On the whole, we can vote for practical portrayal of politics in recent times but can move backward if we expect something different in the story. But Anand Shankar has managed us to imagine how it will be if a youngster becomes CM with thrills in the end.

Verdict: Interesting 'War room' political phase of a youngster!

Ratings: 4.5/10

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