‘Saamy 2’ Movie Review!

‘Saamy 2’ Movie Review!

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Direction: Hari
Production: Thameens Films
Cast: Vikram, Prabhu, Bobby Simha, Aishwarya Rajesh, Keerthy Suresh, John Vijay & Soori
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography: Priyan & Venkatesh Anguraj
Editor: V. T. Vijayan & T. S. Jay

After the massive hit of ‘Saamy’ in 2003, and almost after 15 years, Director Hari and Vikram combo is back in ‘Saamy 2’/’Saamy Square’. With a great buzz and doubts of whether ‘Aarusamy’ will be back in ‘Saamy 2’, there has been a great response to the trailers and ‘Molaga Podiyae’ single in Internet much before the release. How the second part is going to be? How Director Hari is going to retain the same standard of ‘Saamy 2’? Will Aishwarya Rajesh fulfill the character of Trisha as ‘Bhuvana’? Why the movie has two heroines?


Aarusamy (Vikram) lives a happy life with Bhuvana whereas Bhuvana remains carrying. On the other hand, Ravana Pichai (Bobby Simha) will be in search of his father, Perumal Pichai and lands straight in Tirunelveli from Srilanka. He finds his father to be dead such that people believes Perumal Pichai has been hiding himself because of the fear he had in Aarusamy. A sudden transition forwards to 28 years with the featuring of Ramasamy (Son of Aarusamy) in Delhi who is working in the front office of a MP’s house with a backend and main aim of becoming an IAS officer and waiting for his IAS training to begin. As usual (kidnapping happens in every Minister’s house in movies) Minister’s daughter, Diya (Keerthy Suresh) gets kidnapped by Ravana Pichai. Diya then falls in love with Ramasamy while he rescues her. Somehow Ramasamy falls in love with Diya after many conflicts doing his IAS training simultaneously in Mussoorie. After the training, Ramasamy returns to his home as an IPS officer which shocks his grandparents and ends up in knowing about his mother to be Bhuvana and father to be Aarusamy. He joins his posting as ACP in Tirunelveli. He finds about Ravana Pichai and his two brothers to have stands in politics and doing atrocities in the town. How Ramasamy puts an end to the arrogance of Ravana Pichai with all the power of ‘Aarusamy’ inside him? Will Ramasamy kill Ravana Pichai? What will Ravana Pichai do against Ramasamy? Will ‘Saamy’ show his ‘Bhoodham’ face to Ravana? The hunting battle answers the remaining in the climax!


The best ever thing which is never compromised at all in Hari’s directorial is the ‘hero entry sequences’ and the sharp editing cuts. However ‘Saamy 2’ had ‘Saamy’ sequences with a short brief of the continuation, the entry, the buildups for the character, the fight sequences were carried out very well throughout the movie. But if it is directly to be put in simple words, it is a ‘masala movie’ with the touch of all series of Hari’s previous cop movies in between especially in the flying and hitting scenes. Stunts have the strong touch of Hari’s general fast hitting and punching style of visualization. Seems to have an elongated second half, the first half is grand and thrilling till the interval block. Cinematography and DI seems to have the general color tone which is abruptly maintained in all ‘Hari’s movies’, it feels the scenes can be still more trimmed in the second half. Making the weightage in the character of ‘Ramasamy’, some characters look pointless without involvement. Other than that, it looks like a ‘grand masala movie’ with storming of helicopter flying and flight landings throughout.


Vikram, being an absolute charm even he has crossed 50+ in his real life, the brisk running and bold looks of ‘Saamy’ with the nativity has been maintained throughout the movie. Giving an equal tight with Vikram, Bobby Simha has fought back in ‘Ravana Pichai’ character with his ferocious performance till the end. In spite of all the pros, it is still not clear why Hari has involved and wasted the fillers with Soori’s character and with unwanted background music, murmuring the lyrics as ‘Shakthimaan, Pokieman’ without any purpose. Playing the character of a negative political face to a positive father, Prabhu has done his performance well. Having no purpose and not being an apt pair to Vikram, Aishwarya Rajesh seems to be only in an extended cameo role. Generally to have a main heroine character, it seems like Hari has added Keerthy Suresh to ‘try’ and fulfill with romance then and there.

What works?

1) Vikram & Bobby Simha

2) Stunt sequences

3) Cinematography

What doesn’t work?

1) Outdated screenplay

2) Soori’s unwanted humor portions

3) Songs

On the whole, a perfect masala movie with a great attempt to remind the power and revival in ‘Saamy 2’ with a difference of ‘Aarusamy’ eating idly with Beer to ‘Ramasamy’ eating idly with buttermilk!!

Verdict : Not an interesting hunting mission of Rama ‘Saamy’!

Ratings : 4.5/10

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