‘Raja Ranguski’ Movie Review!

‘Raja Ranguski’ Movie Review!

Reviews 21-Sep-2018 9:42 AM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction: Dharani Dharan
Production: Vasan Productions & Burma Talkies
Cast: Shirish, Chandini Tamilarasan, Anupama Kumar, Kallori Vinoth and Sathya
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: D. K. Yuvaa
Editor: Shafiq Muhammed Ali

Next to ‘Burma’ and ‘Jackson Durai’, Director Dharani Dharan is expected with little more hopes from the thrilling trailers and sneak peeks of ‘Raja Ranguski’. Having the funny title derived from a mosquito’s name in Shankar’s ‘Endhiran’, the movie makes more vulnerable to think what will be the story in ‘Raja Ranguski’. Is it a cop thriller? Is it a simple romantic story? And through the sneak peeks which were released recently, will ‘Ranguski’ die? Why is the receipt been snatched from the table and why Raja is trying to hide that from his Police colleagues?


‘Raja’(Shirish) is a young constable who has a normal routine of a junior caudate cop to roam around the areas and residence around the locality of his work station. He gets in contact with Maria(Anupama Kumar), who is 60 years old and an elderly antique collector. He also comes to know about ‘Ranguski’(Chandini) who is a modern, young writer. Between the while, Ranguski gets in touch with Raja to know about the crime cases he works upon. Gradually Raja falls in love with Ranguski in which he tries making prank calls to make her somehow to fall in love with him. But someone else interrupts this process and makes prank calls to her. Trying to figure out who is doing calls to Ranguski on his behalf, he gets involved in the murder of Maria which gets interconnected to all other incidents. Will Raja prove him to be an innocent? Will he find out the actual murderer behind Maria’s death and what is their purpose of causing this trouble to him? Will Ranguski fall on the trap of Mr. X? The remaining story completes the climax of ‘Raja Ranguski’


The story moves so thrilling till the end and Director Dharani Dharan seems to have knots into knots which is hard to be revealed. However, many logics had been played inside this suspense thriller; some logics do have lags then and there. But Dharani’s efforts in bringing out a clarified and knotted climax have to be definitely appreciated. Logic like how a writer (Ranguski) can have a greatly furnished villa, how come Raja have so many pictures and writings of Writer Sujatha when compared to Ranguski’s house décor who owns the name. All those logics seem to be the drawbacks. Another one to be added as a minus is ‘Metro’ Shirish’s unconvincing facial reactions to the thrilling incidents in the movie. ‘No smile, No effect’ reactions of Shirish makes us little uncomfortable to accept the thrilling travel of the story. Apart from that, D. K. Yuvaa’s cinematography can be mentioned as one of the best thing in the movie. Whereas with the editing of Shafiq Muhammed Ali at some slow travel and continuous knots will make to think as “Is this 120 minutes too long for this story?”. Last but not the least, the songs and background score of Yuvan has added more colour and flavour to the thrilling screenplay.


Shirish who is the protagonist, is in complete search of Mr.X but seems to have forgotten to react and give apt facial expressions even in romantic scenes. Other than that his performance was overall making the perfect travel of the thrilling story. Chandini, who is the main character and carries a role with much weightage, has absolutely proved her charm and acting skills. As usual, Anupama Kumar, who is a very senior performer, has done a perfect performance for the part she is involved in this movie. As a CBCID officer, at some instances in the beginning, Jaya Kumar‘s performance seems to be overly performed than compared to a normal CBI officers we see in movies. A special appreciation for ‘Kallori’ Vinoth’s humour sequences. It has helped the practical suspense to move with comedy then and there with dialogues having local madras slang. Apart from all these, Vijay Sathya’s character as a competitive and an angry Inspector, the movie had a long travelling suspense with many discoveries.

What works?

1) Thrilling screenplay, cinematography and story

2) Chandini’s performance

What doesn’t work?

1) Shirish’s not convincing reactions

2) Slow and elongated second half

On the whole, ‘Raja Ranguski’ is a good suspense thriller if it is watched without minding the lags in between. Perfect option in this week for thriller movie lovers.

Verdict : ‘Ranguski’ overtakes ‘Raja’ with more thrills.

Ratings : 4.5/10

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