‘Vanjagar Ulagam’ movie review!

‘Vanjagar Ulagam’ movie review!

Reviews 7-Sep-2018 4:50 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction : Manoj Beedha
Cast : Guru Somasundaram, Chandini, Ciby Chandra, Visakan
DOP : Rodrigo, Saravanan
Editing : Anthony
Music : Sam CS

Having dark and rustic first looks and teasers, ‘Vanjagar Ulagam’ has the cast of Guru Somasundaram, Anisha Ambrose, Hareesh Peradi and Chandini Tamilarasan for important roles. Stated that this movie is a dark gangster movie, ‘Vanjagar Ulagam’ has been much awaited with the hypes after the certification with ‘A’ censor certificate. The team has still more induced by making us think how the movie will be, after the screening the 20 minutes of the movie in the recent press meet. Will the gangster movie is a strong action packed thriller? What will be the story?


Being drunk, Shanmugam (Cibi Bhuvana Chandran) works in press who gets involved in a murder of his neighbor and house owner’s wife, Mythili (Chandini Tamilarasan). In order to help him out, his colleagues, Vishagan and Samyuktha (Anisha Ambrose) tries to help with the influences they have. In the process of helping their friend and also in helping the police, they get to know how Shanmugam is related to Mythili’s death and the involvement of Sampath (Guru Somasundaram), a former and an introvert smuggler, Sampath’s friend and husband of Mythili, Balasubramanian (Jayaprakash), Maaran (John Vijay) who was a former partner of Sampath and Durai Raj who is a don and head of Sampath and Maaran. How and why Mythili was murdered? Who did the murder makes the core for the climax!


Stated that Director Manoj Beeda is having an experience of studying about film making in Hollywood, Manoj has portrayed perspective of different people, ending up with a confusing screenplay by making us remind Prithviraj’s Malayalam movie ‘Mumbai Express’ in the climax. Inserts of flashbacks in unexpected scenes, his screenplay will be difficult for ordinary audience to understand how to intersect the scenes.

However the team seems to have utilized judgment on a highly sensational problem of India which was issued yesterday in Supreme Court by releasing the movie on the apt time. Having different points of view such as Guru Somasundaram with a bond of ‘deep friendship’ with Jayprakash, Chandhini’s frustrated and diverted path with Cibi and the press perspective of Vishagana & Anisha, the contemporary but classic style of Sam C S’s music and the cinematography of Rodrigo and Saravanan has influenced in creating thrills till climax. But Anthony’s editing seems to be unconventional with the movie’s run time as 2 hours and 40 minutes by proving that Director would have been completely monitoring with his supervision during editing


Keen on playing different characters in every movie he choose, Guru Somasundaram’s performance is realistic as a gangster just like an introvert drug addict but heads up with over exaggeration in some sequences. In order to get out of the routine and uninterested family life, Chandhini has done the role of a soft spoken frustrated woman very well. With the age and maturity of falling in love and getting attached with an unknown woman, and having the blame for the murder he didn’t commit, Cibi has done the character of a casual working guy maturely. John Vijay playing the role of Maaran, has acted in a different role where he can be considered as ‘supporting villain’ than being a supporting actor in this movie. Along with them, with the thirst of solving the mystery and finding the truth, Vishagan and Anisha has acted in their roles effectively. Azhagan Perumal as a retired policeman, Hareesh Peradi as a policeman, Vasu Vikram and ‘Pichaikkaran’ fame Moorthy has also done their roles perfectly.

What works?

1) Story

2) Cinematography and background score

What doesn’t work?

1) Screenplay

2) Runtime

3) Editing


Continuous gun shooting with the outbreak of unexpected climax

On the whole, So far no body has handled this subject but with elongated and not easily conveying screenplay. ‘Vanjagar Ulagam’ can be partially acclaimed by critics and views if there is no expectation before watching.

Ratings : 4/10

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