Ghajinikanth’ movie review!

Ghajinikanth’ movie review !

Reviews 3-Aug-2018 9:10 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction: Santhosh P. Jayakumar
Production: Studio Green
Cast: Arya, Sayyeshaa Saigal , Mukul Dev, Karunakaran and Sathish
Music: D Imman
Cinematography: Ballu
Editor: Prasanna GK

Directing ‘Adult’ rated movies, Santhosh P. Jayakumar’s ‘Ghajinikanth’ with ‘U’ censor will attract the family audience? Will it be humor filled? Will ‘Ghajinikanth’ come up to the hypes created?


Having problem with his son’s birth defect of less memory power, ‘Aadukalam’ Naren gets tired of searching bride for Arya(Rajinikanth) whereas finally he gets Sampath in his loop who wishes to make his daughter marry Arya. Knowing about the less memory defect and being furious, Sampath denies the alliance. Without knowing all those issues, Sayyeeshaa accidently falls in love with Arya such that Arya struggles to hide his less remembrance power to her and tries to manage her father in order to marry her without any problem. Whether Arya tells about his defect to Sayyeeshaa? How does he manage her father? And the answers for all those will be revealed in ‘Ghajinikanth’.


Taking in hand with the less memory power concept in an usual storyline, Santhosh has tried to make the movie interesting by involving three comedians like Karunakaran, Sathish and Motta Rajendiran. Apart from their wits making us laugh in 4 to 5 sequences, Naren who has acted in the role of Arya’s dad can also be stated as another comedian in the movie. Having cast to entertain with timing dialogues, the humor part of the movie is not up to the expectations. With not much enjoyable gags, the song sequences in the movie were also not way too interesting as expected.


Arya having the touch of his character in the movie ‘Boss Engira Baskaran’, and involving in romance, humor and action in this movie, seen as he is still way behind in the emotional portion of his performance. With the homely look and beautiful presence on screen, Sayyeeshaa has been still backward with her involvement in performance for her role in the movie. There is no big involvement by featuring many comedians except Sathish to be seen as supporting role in the story. With their experienced acting, Naren and Sampath have amazingly performed for the characters they carried over throughout the film. Also that, not properly using V J Lingesh as a stubborn police is not impressive in the movie.

What works?

1) Some humor portions

2) Cinematography

What doesn’t works?

1) Usual and familiar story

2) First half of the movie

3) Songs

On the whole, cinematography, beautiful presence of Sayyeeshaa, enjoyable comedy portions then and there, ‘Ghajinikanth’ struggles to make people entertained.

Verdict: Rajinikanth forgets to entertain being Ghajinikanth

Ratings: 4.5/10

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