‘Junga’ Movie Review

Vijay Sethupathi in and as Junga Movie Review

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Direction: Gokul

Production: Vijay Sethupathi Productions and A & P Groups

Cast: Vijay Sethupathi, Sayyeshaa, Madonna Sebastian, Yogi Babu and Suresh Chandra Menon

Music: Siddharth Vipin

Cinematography: Dudley

Editor: V. J. Sabu Joseph

With the expectations about this movie, whether the ‘Sumaar Moonji Kumar’ is a real mass don or a comedy don? Whether he is terror or one who is attached to emotions and love? Why is he going to Paris? What will be the movie about? will be known further.


Junga , gets into action with comedy to achieve his primary goal of making his family happy by getting his ancestral property back i.e., his don grandfather Linga and his don father Ranga’s property by saving money with great difficulty and crossing the hurdles from everyone.


In Tamil Cinema, we might have seen so many terror dons visualizing from Baasha to Billa with the intro scenes in Sumo or huge BMWs. But for the first time, director Gokul has made a don character with humorous stingy attitude such that some comedy scenes don’t impress much whereas the first half has been maintained with comedy sequences of Yogi Babu & Vijay Sethupathi, which cannot be underestimated in few scenes. Scenes like taking homemade food in flight while travelling to Paris, the language unknowing innocence are some of the different makeable attempts with comedy in ‘Junga’.

Making comedy with little bursts then and there, ‘Junga’ has more serious scenes as well, which is further developed with local Madras slang. Compared to the first half, the second half after the interval has fast cuts in serious sequences such that songs with mind-blowing locations gave a light feel which is one of the negative aspects. The entire movie rolled in two locations such as in Chennai and Paris, the Cinematography of Dudley is fabulous. DI owns a special notable positive position in appreciating this movie by adding more elegance to the visuals. However with editing of Sabu Joseph, it helped to develop the seriousness of the comedy don with fast cuts which might also be still better if some of the lags are avoided.


Unlike ‘Naanum Rowdy Thaan’, Vijay Sethupathi has casually played the title character ‘Junga’ in a different way by proving his innocence with comedy in the role of don. This movie can be stated like a part time job in Vijay Sethupathi’s career if over shouting in some scenes is avoided. Sayeesha who is a lead heroine in this movie has concentrated more on dance but contributed her possible acting skills in the scenes nearing to the climax. Madonna Sebastian has dissolved from the movie in minutes of playing cute small role. Suresh Menon is seen as an important character in a negative shade to be a rich ‘Chettiyar’ in this movie. Compared to ‘Aandavan Kattalai’, Yogi Babu’s comedy in the movie cannot be stated as a remarkable one whereas he has made some laughter wits in-betweens. Sharanya Ponvannan has done a different attempt of trying Madras Slang so perfectly like a typical normal Chennai based mom. Don’s Grandma will definitely owe a special appreciation in the movie.

What works?

1) Vijay Sethupathi

2) First half comedy sequences

What doesn’t work?

1) Story

2) Songs

On the whole, it might not be a best movie from ‘Idharkuthaane Aasai Pattai Balakumara?’ team if we expect more comedy and enter into screens for watching this movie. Inserting laughing gags then and there; ‘Junga’ would have been still more interesting if the run time of the movie is reduced with more sensible humor scenes.

Verdict : ‘Junga’ has been stingy in showing more interesting elements in the story.

Ratings : 4/10

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