‘Mission Impossible: Fall Out’ Movie Review:

Mission Impossible - Fallout Movie Review

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Direction: Christopher McQuarrie

Production: Paramount Pictures, Alibaba Pictures, Bad Robot Productions and Skydance Media

Cast: Tom Cruise with cast Henry Cavill, Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg and Rebecca Ferguson

Music: Lorne Balfe

Cinematography: Rob Hardy

Editor: Eddie Hamilton

With the expectations of unusual jumping and hitting stunt scenes to accomplish a serious mission continued after ‘Rogue Nation’, Tom Cruise starrer ‘Mission Impossible: Fall Out’ is believed to make us sit in the corner of seats with curious thrills.

In order to prevent nuclear explosion of 3 dangerous plutonium bombs, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is assigned with special CIA operative assistant August Walker (Superman hero ‘Henry Cavill’) where they have to get Solomon Lane who is the mastermind behind the bomb explosion (which is continued after ‘Rogue Nation’).

Highly reactive bombs selling through a black market arms dealer, Ethan, Benji and Luther get into mission where they get lot of hindrances with the circulation of plutonium balls from hands to hands. With plenty of twists and turns with ultimate action, Ilsa Faust joins the team to help in the mission with love interest. Whether Ethan and the team finish the mission? Whether the bombs are stopped from blasting, makes the end of this action story.

Making the ultimate stunts with the extremely hanging and gripping sequences, the movie takes place in the locations of Germany, Berlin, London and snowy peaks of Kashmir. Continued with the storyline of the previous series ‘Rogue Nation’ of ‘MI’, this movie might have been without lag if more comedy portions were fruited. First half of the movie with lots of argument scenes and emotions, the movie had a touch of serious emotions traveling throughout the movie. Background score of Lorne Balfe makes us grip to the corner of the seats during stunts and hanging scenes from vast heights.

On the whole, Ethan Hunt would have been still more active than being emotional in the mission but achieved with a matured continuation of ‘Rogue Nation’.

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