Kadaikutty Singam Movie Review

A Colorful Village Treat

Reviews 13-Jul-2018 4:55 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction : Pandiaraj
Cast : Karthi, Sathya Raj, Sayyesha, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Soori
Music : D Imman
Produced by : 2D Enterainment
Camera : R Velraj

Pandiraj’s venture with a joint family story with agricultural touch and bonding with the family has made wonders through the trailer, induced our eager more and more and to think how the movie is going to be on screen with huge star studded cast. Whether Karthi’s brother sentiments will work? Will the movie attract family audience?


Sathyaraj’s family of 2 wives having 5 daughters and 1 single son gets separated due to Karthi’s love on Sayeeshaa. Karthi’s sentiments on the family to make everyone happy and united for marrying his love interest with everyone’s acceptance. In between all the disputes, Sayeeshaa’s uncle wanted to take revenge on him due to his vigorous caste arrogance. Whether Karthi will manage his family? Will he marry Sayeeshaa? Will he win his family’s acceptance makes the climax of the movie.


Having very emotional misunderstandings happening in the joint family, Pandiraj has made everyone visualize how a family has to be if it involves 5 daughters with one son holding more responsibilities in his hands and love for his family who is governed by his agricultural passion, makes us realize and understand how a family can split and reunite by a small misunderstanding sneaked inside. Karthi’s romance with Sayeeshaa makes one of the pillar for the story to break down and make us sit corner of the seat and think ‘What will happen next?. The colorful cinematography of Velraj after a long time is one of the delighting factors to make us imagine how a village will be and how an agricultural based family will be. Having no connection with agriculture as a main theme, Pandiraj has filled all possible places with agricultural feeds. Overall from the movie’s storyline, this will be a complete emotional family entertainer which can help everyone to relate ourselves to our family.


Sathyaraj has taken the complete responsible part of this movie handling and making the complete family to sense the leading position of a male child in home. Karthi with his charming and bold look as a farmer has done amazing performance without exaggerating the limit. Pouring with beauty, the actresses, Sayeeshaa and Priya Bhavani Shankar has added beauty to the screen. The supporting actors Viji Chandrasekar, Bhanu Priya and all others have synced with the leads transforming the emotions of the situation to the audience. Soori after a long time has travelled throughout the film supporting all the characters with his spontaneous humor. Villain’s weight role to destroy Karthi’s happiness makes the strong base.

What works?

1) Karthi
2) Soori’s humor
3) Velraj’s cinematography and Imman’s music.

What doesn’t work?

1) Songs
2) Already used sentimental storyline

On the whole, this movie will remind the nativity for everyone with the importance of family mixing with romance, sentiments and agriculture.

Verdict : Colorful Village Treat

Ratings : 5.5/10

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