“Savarakkathi is about one with anger and another with lies” – Mysskin

Director Mysskin says that Savarakkathi is all about two characters and another embracing anger and another one lies.

News 6-Feb-2018 10:32 AM IST RM Comments

Both directors Mysskin and Ram are known for making unparalleled unconventional movies that is always kept beyond commercial genres. But what happens to be a surprise is to see both of them share the screen space for a comedy based film titled Savarakkathi. The film is directed by Mysskin’s younger brother GR Aditya. Shedding lights on the film, director Mysskin says, “The film is about two characters. One is so much identified with anger and is always frustrated. The other one is bounded to lies and what happens when these characters have to cross across each other is basic premise of this movie.”

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