Jimikki Kamal effect for Jai’s marriage

Jai’s upcoming film ‘Maangalyam Thanthu Naane Na’ based on marriage comedy will feature musical score by Shaan Rahman.

News 22-Jan-2018 11:20 AM IST RM Comments

If most of the Tamil speaking territories are fascinated by Malayalam songs, the credits obviously goes to Shaan Rahman, who has been delightedly offering best tunes in the recent times. One among them is definitely the ‘Jimikki Kamal’. Now he makes his debut in Tamil industry through Jai starrer Maangalyam Thanthu Naane Na’. The film featuring Jai in lead role happens to be a Rom-Com based on how two different individuals completely contrastive in nature. There are two heroines in the film and one among them happens to be Kurang Bommai fame Delna Davis. The shooting of this film is commencing from May and is directed by director duo Syam and Praveen. Others in the cast includes Danny who will be playing the close friend of Jai.

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