Brilliant move by AGS Cinemas in ticketing

AGS Cinemas has now revised the ticket rates based on Tamil, regional and foreign films

News 9-Jan-2018 10:28 AM IST RM Comments

It is definitely going to be a much enjoyable moment for the ones watching movies at AGS Cinemas. Over the past couple of months, it has been a real terrible situation for film buffs, who couldn't afford to pay a huge tax tagged with ticket rates. In spite of Tamil film producer Council and distributors along with theatre owner Association trying their best to reduce it in request government, things weren’t completely favourable for the audiences. Now AGS Cinemas dreams a new sigh of relief, reducing the ticket rates. It has officially confirmed that Tamil movies will be charged Rs. 115, regional movies - Rs. 135 and Foreign Movies - Rs. 140. These days will be on effect from January 10, 2018 that is from tomorrow.

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