“Richie is about couple of protagonists” - Nataraj Subramaniam

Cinematographer-turned-actor Nataraj Subramaniam gives a hint about the film ‘Richie’

News 7-Dec-2017 10:53 AM IST RM Comments

Only supreme confidence and strong faith in one’s own ability can enable an actor to take up any challenging role and win kudos.

With the film, ‘Sathuranga Vettai’, Natty aka Nataraj Subramaniam became a hit-hero and he is eagerly awaiting the release of his film Ritchie.

Shedding lights on his role, Natraj Subramaniam says, “Richie is a film with an interesting story line and strong characters that is based on two protagonists. I have acted as the boat mechanic who meets the other hero Richie accidentally. This role has scope for great acting.

Director Gautham Ramachandran has evolved this character in the film so nicely and strongly. I believe that it is more important to know how weighty the character is rather than how long the character appears in the film. I am proud and honoured to state that my character in Richie is one like that.”

Richie, slated for release on 8th December, will be a veritable feast for all the Tamil film fans.

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