Akshay Kumar’s dozen surprises in 2.O

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar will be appearing in 12 different looks for his upcoming magnum opus 2.O

News 6-Nov-2017 10:41 AM IST RM Comments

Akshay Kumar is so much exhilarated about his multi-lingual film ‘2.O’, which stars Rajinikanth In dual roles as professor Bora and Chitti Robot. But the biggest attraction would be Akshay Kumar will appear in 12 different avatars. In fact, these would be depicting him in different shades of Good, Bad, Ugly, Innocent, Cruel and yet more surprising natures too. He has dubbed in different vocalisms for these roles as well. As a matter of fact, Akshay Kumar’s voice has been specially recorded by Resul Pookutty for a much higher enhancement in a unique style. Till now, there hasn’t been any official affirmation about the film’s release date, which is tentatively set on January 25, 2018.

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