AR Rahman’s 1000 audition for 2 years

AR Rahman and his team had to audition 1000 times for 2 years to finalize the lead actors for ’99 Songs’

News 20-Oct-2017 5:07 PM IST RM Comments

Academy award winner AR Rahman is known for his scrutinizing efforts in presenting his music. He is someone who really believes the pre-production and planning will yield finest results with satisfaction. He has deliberately made the same thing applied to his production and directorial journey. AR Rahman is now co-producing the film ’99 Songs’ under the banner of YM Movies. In one of his recent interviews, the academy award winner has mentioned that it took nearly couple of years to finalize the lead actors after 1000 auditions. The lead actors were given extensive training in musical instruments following which, they underwent acting workshop in Hollywood as we. Now the shooting is getting close on the heels of completion with plans to release the album shortly. The album of 99 songs features 10-12 tracks and is composed on international standards.

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