“If I reveal the secret, it will by copycatted soon” – Suseendiran

During the meet and greet occasion for Diwali, Suseendiran revealed something on his future projects.

News 17-Oct-2017 12:26 PM IST RM Comments

Director Suseendiran keeps his fingers crossed over the success of his upcoming film ‘Nenjil Thunivirundhal’. The movie was supposed to get released for tomorrow (October 18) on the festive occasion of Diwali. Nevertheless, it got delayed due to some reasons and is being pushed for November 10 release simultaneously in Telugu as well. Speaking on the occasion of Diwali meet and greet occasion, Suseendiran was asked if he would make a film based on current social issue what it could be. “If I reveal the secret, it will be copycatted sooner. So why I shouldn’t give any hint on that,” jocularly added Suseendiran. The director also expressed his desire to make more movies that will stay in the hearts and memories of people for ages.

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