“Please don’t force politics into my space” – Raghava Lawrence

Raghava Lawrence requests media channels and others not to force politics into his space

News 12-Sep-2017 10:50 AM IST RM Comments

A well known fact is that Raghava Lawrence is always involved in the philanthropic activities and never hesitates to help the poor and needy. The multi-faceted actor has now requested media channels not to pull his name or relate him with the political context in any manner. According to his official press statement, he says, “After launching Muni 4 with pooja, I had returned from Tirupati. Some of the media channels met me there and interacted regarding my current projects, the temple built for my mother and few other topics.

It happened that they asked about my contribution of 15Lacs to Anita family, the deceased victim of NEET issue. I just replied them saying that it’s something personal between him, Anitha family and God.

When they asked about my opinion on NEET, I told ‘Only time will answer it’. But in contrast, I was shocked to read the news saying that I had mentioned, “Only time will answer BJP.”

I had never used the name of any political parties and would request everyone that social service and spirituality are my concerns and not politics.”

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