“Don’t respond to negativities. Offenders will get tired” – Vijay

Actor Vijay during the audio launch of Mersal advised his fans not to indulge responding to negativities in life.

News 21-Aug-2017 10:36 AM IST RM Comments

This is a moment that every fan of Vijay curiously looks up for. They want to hear him say something inspiring and that happens mostly during the audio launches or his film related events. Such was an evening with the audio launch of Mersal. It all took hours to wait for the matinee-idol to come upon stage and render his short and sweet speech.

As he came upon the stage, the entire auditorium loaded with thousands of fans just switched on their mobile torches that emblazoned the auditorium and Vijay waved back with the same signal of love.

Addressing his fans, he said, “Away from shooting, I travel across different parts of the world and interact with fans and friends. There have been lots of discussions and even arguments during which I learned something. The key to happiness is staying away from negativities. Just don’t respond to negativities. Offenders will get tired by themselves. But it’s not that easy for they will attack and torture us from all ends, but that’s life. You’ve to overcome it. Think about a life with no offenders and enemies. You will become lazy as there is nothing to prove. Life becomes soulless and there is no celebration. I am not advising you. Just take it if you like and I’m happy if it useful for you at any point in life.”

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