Jiiva’s 3 hard drives of hacking documentaries

The actor has loaded so many documentaries based on hacking that was so much useful for his upcoming film ‘Kee’.

News 4-Aug-2017 10:19 AM IST Top 10 Comments

Actor Jiiva’s previous release ‘Sangili Bungili Kathava Thorae’ had a decent scenario in box office with traders benefited with good results. Now the actor is all set for the next project titled ‘Kee’, which has opened up positively towards the first look. Launched by STR last evening, it has taken everyone by storming surprise. This is merely because of Jiiva’s avatar as ethical hacker.

Debut filmmaker Kalees shedding lights on this film says that the film is based on a youngster who keeps hacking the systems for fun. When asked about the significance of title ‘Kee’, he adds that it a familiar term used in ancient Tamil literature like Thozh Kaapiyam, which means any activity or action have both positive and negative impact. Moreover, a single ‘Key’ in any computer can make a big difference or change in life. So the team zeroed in this titled ‘Kee’.

The director also adds that Jiiva has a sound knowledge on hacking and he had 3 hard drives of documentaries based on hacking, which helped them for inputs while shooting the film. Nikki Galrani is playing the female lead role in this movie.

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