Vijay Antony’s reference for Sibiraj

Sibiraj utters that it was Vijay Antony who suggested him to prefer Pradeep Krishnamoorthy of ‘Saithan’ fame to remake ‘Kshanam’.

News 27-Jul-2017 12:42 PM IST RM Comments

Sibiraj is all excited and keeps his fingers crossed over the upcoming release ‘Sathya’, a remake of super hit Telugu movie ‘Kshanam’. With the film gearing up for release shortly, Sibiraj reveals that it was Vijay Antony who referred him Pradeep Krishnamoorthy for the wielding the megaphone.

Dating back to the Inception of ‘Kshanam’ remake, Sibiraj says that he happened to watch the film accidently while shooting for Kattapaava Kaanom and then got very much impressed. He then requested his mother and sister to watch the film and they in turn asked him to remake it. Initially, the actor was quite reluctant about it and then he acquired the remake rights.

Sibiraj also admits that Pradeep Krishnamoorthy had to go for multiple takes that would even send the actor fed up. “But after watching the final version, I was so happy that Pradeep utilized me for better performance,” tots up Sibiraj.

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