Balloon Teaser Review - Offers new lease of horror genre?

Balloon Teaser Review - Offers new lease of horror genre?

Features 20-Jun-2017 6:31 PM IST RM Comments

Ghost movies have literally bored us off the game and yet, it keeps running into monstrous figures, where the releases based on this genre are turning bigger. Although, the first look posters of Balloon had created a feel of some psychological thriller. But then with this new first look teaser, we are imbibed to the affirmed status – IT’S ONE MORE TO THE HORROR FLICK CLUB.

It’s harder to see that many teaser releasing in the recent time fail to impose a strong content in short span of running length. What happens with Balloon is that we are given a clear picture of what the basic premise of this story is all about. We hear the voiceover claiming that the haunted house is once a home that was resided by a balloon vendor and he was in love with a girl and later killed her (The girl could be none other than Janani Iyer).

We tend to see the balloon vendor role of Jai like a clown man and then there happens to be a specific scene, where he walks like Kaththi Vijay. The cinematography and sound seems to be the cherry-pick of this teaser.

Although Jai and Anjali are always considered as the happening onscreen pair, we don’t tend to see much with this factor.

Balloon is an engaging teaser, which exhibits a routine horror genre elements like a dark room, haunted house, a specified objective symbol that relates to the hidden past (Here it is Balloon) and so on.

But at the same time, it creates a curiosity to see if it is Jai playing dual roles of different time periods or we can someone as a special appearance.

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