Kamal Haasan slams Finance Minister on GST

Kamal Haasan slams back Arun Jaitley saying he is not pressuring the media channels to reduce GST.

News 7-Jun-2017 11:51 AM IST RM Comments

Just as many have welcomed the introduction of Goods and Service Tax upon the Ticket rates, there are few have been claiming that it’s too high for the regional cinema. Over here, it is Kamal Haasan to raise the voice saying that 28% is too high for a regional cinema and it cannot be put on pars with Hollywood and Hindi cinema as both of them are not on the same radar. The actor was hit by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley claiming that misusing media to pressurize Government. In return, Kamal Haasan slammed back saying it’s not pressuring, but a request and earnest plea to reduce the GST slab at least 12-15 percent. If not, it will definitely ruin or put down the regional cinema from the maps.

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