“Don’t think Brindavanam is an emotional movie” – Arulnidhi

Actor Arulnidhi clarifies in his recent interview that Brindavanam will not be an emotional drama since he plays a hearing impaired man.

News 18-Apr-2017 11:19 AM IST RM Comments

When a protagonist is someone physically challenged or with some disabilities, it obviously leads to an assumption that the respective film would be an emotional drama that speak of pathos and lamentations. But then, Arulnidhi makes an impulsive statement about his role as a man with hearing impairment in his upcoming movie ‘Brindavanam’, directed by Radha Mohan.

“Don’t think Brindavanam will be an emotional drama, since I play such a role. It has the peak of emotions conveyed, but is equally more entertaining as the usual paradigms of a Radha Mohan movie. I underwent tuition of sign language for nearly 10 days to gain perfection over my role. I was literally nervous sharing the screen space with Vivek, who plays himself,” says Arulnidhi, who will have Tanya Ravichandran of Bale VellaiyaDeva playing his love interest.

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