Nayanthara’s spellbinding stunts for Dora

It is learnt that Nayantara has done stunts without any dupes for her upcoming film ‘Dora’.

News 23-Mar-2017 10:27 AM IST RM Comments

Actress Nayanthara created a new trend of picking up unconventional scripts that had more emphasis for female protagonists. In fact, she made it all appealing with the movies like ‘Nee Enge En Anbe’ and ‘Maya’. Now her third consecutive film in solo lead role ‘Dora’ is getting ready for release on March 31 and we get to learn that she has done some marvelous acts for this movie. Yes, it seems that the actress had to work continuously 16 hours per day to complete the shooting on time and she performed stunts without using any dupes.

The film ‘Dora’ is a supernatural thriller directed by Doss Ramasamy and produced by Sarkunam Cinemas with Auraa Cinemas releasing it on March 31.

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