“Sean Roldan is the soul of Power Pandi” – Dhanush

Dhanush on interacting with media channels about his directorial debut ‘Power Pandi’ uttered special words on Sean Roldan.

News 23-Mar-2017 10:11 AM IST RM Comments

Dhanush and his entire team of ‘Power Pandi’ were present for the press meet of this film. During this occasion, Dhanush interacted with the media channels and press saying, “Veteran filmmaker Balu Mahendran sir would used to tell, a good film will naturally attract the essential good things into it. It would definitely eliminate the unwanted things by its inherent nature. Power Pandi has proved to be such an illustration of his earnest words. It eventually gifted us with ‘Raj Kiran’ sir who happens to be the Power Pandi. I must admit that Sean Roldan is the soul of Power Pandi. It was so surprising to see that both our thoughts and creative expressions were same, which helped us bring out some good music with this film.”

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