Why Meera Kathiravan blames Viddarth now?

Meera Kathiravan in his recent press meet has blamed Viddarth as major reason behind the delayed release of ‘Vizhithiru’.

News 7-Mar-2017 1:15 PM IST RM Comments

Over the past two years, the film Vizhithiru directed and produced by Meera Kathiravan has been pending over its prolonged shoot followed by release plans. While there have been high inquisitive investigations on what really kept it slow and sluggish, Meera Kathiravan opens up that Viddarth has been the major reason behind this. “It’s a film that has to be completely shot during night times and it is really hard process to coordinate with 20 actors at the same spot and continuity too. But then, all of sudden Viddarth happened to move into the shoot of Ajith sir’s Veeram, which stalled major portion of filming. Even now, Viddarth is not available to promote the film and as an actor one should be completely present for such activities,” utters Meera Kathiravan.

Viddarth, Kreshna, Dhansika, Venkat Prabhu and Baby Sarah are the major actors of Vizhithiru, where their roles would be coming across each other in a single night laced with twists and turns.

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