Why GV Prakash is blessed and special now?

Music director turned actor GV Prakash is the only current actor to have immediately collaborated with Ilayaraja and AR Rahman.

News 28-Feb-2017 11:13 AM IST RM Comments

In the past 3 years, we have been coming across the arrival of many new actors. Of course, GV Prakash is not someone who is new to the film industry for he has musically engrossed us in more than 50 albums. But in a short span of time, he has marked a trenchant stroke as an actor. With his initial level of movies completely based on comedy genres, he has now stepped into different zone with movies based unique genres. Moreover, he is so blessed and so special for an earnest reason. GV Prakash will have Maestro Ilayaraja composing music for his upcoming film directed by Bala, which reportedly will have Jyothika in lead role as well. On the other end, his other film ‘Sarvam Thalam Mayam’ directed by Rajeev Menon features his very own maternal uncle AR Rahman striking musical chords. This is the first ever time in the recent times that an actor gets to collaborate with the musical giants.

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