Dhruvangal 16 Movie Review

Good effort the whole team, but not the best for amateurishness prevails in parts.

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Direction : Karthick Naren
Production : Knight Nostalgia Filmotainment
Starring : Rahman
Music : Jakes Bejoy
Cinematography : Sujith Sarang
Editing : Sreejith Sarang

Dhruvangal 16 is a mystery thriller featuring Rahman in lead role, directed by Karthik Naren and produced by Knight Nostalgia Entertainment.


Years after Deepak (Rahman), a retired police officer with an amputated leg that was a cost to his last investigated case happens to meet an uninvited guest, who discuss over the hidden chapters of that serial murders that happened over the night.


A lot of vibrant effort from the whole team is so much evident. The young team has pushed forth an impeccable output in every aspect of technical department. The characterization of each actor has been done with careful detailing. Director Karthik needs special mention for not taking chances with unwanted elements like comedy, songs and unwanted dialogues. The running length is a major plus, where everything remains crisp and intact. The technical department involving cinematography is groovy, but there seems to be some amateurish and too shaky shots. It looks like they wanted to go theoretically over the base of psychological significance, but that gets your visual impression with too much pressure. When it comes to Sound Department, they have done a stupendous job with perfect detailing. Editing works are appreciable, but why the big font slugs of mentioning the location and time being repeated with so much of sound and font. If director had to keep the audiences so much hooked up, he could have sacrificed his brilliance and made the narration in a linear manner. Background score is commendable in many places. There are few amateur elements like where the clues and evidences needn’t be found out by the cops, but they will come to you.


Although there are many characters in the film, Rahman steals the show with his naturalistic and laudable performance. The other actor playing the role of Gautham, close aide to Rahman has done a decent job too. While other characters in the film occur in places, we don’t get to remember them for a larger extent. The problem with characterization is that director keeps giving some task to everyone and they cannot remain silent even for a second. You get into apartment, you’ll see one or the other characters walking up and down in the atmosphere. The protagonist keeps saying something without a break… But nothing to blame upon the actors for they do their job perfectly, but director should have made the sketch carefully. Moreover, such roles played by an actor like Arvind Swamy or Sharath Kumar would been box office bonus for bringing some additional crowds.

What works?

1. Star-cast
2. Sound and Editing
3. Background score

What doesn’t work?

1. Too much shakes in camera
2. Non-Liner narration with more jump cuts
3. Amateur storytelling

Overall, Dhruvangal 16 deserves decent credits for the entire team for coming up with a new-fangled thriller, but then there are few amateurishness found in the narrative aspects and some technical quotients too.

Verdict : Good effort the whole team, but not the best for amateurishness prevails in parts.

Rating : 5/10

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