Kaththi Sandai Movie Review

A soulless film without a tale and proper narration.

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Direction : Suraj
Production : Madras Enterprises
Starring : Vishal, Tamannaah, Jagapati Babu, Vadivelu, Soori
Music : Hiphop Tamizha
Cinematography : Richard M. Nathan
Editing : Selva RK

From the director of many commercial hit movies, director Suraj brings his latest outing ‘Kaththi Sandai’ featuring Vishal and Tamannaah in lead roles. The film has grabbed everyone attention for it marks the comeback of Vadivelu in comedian role.


The film opens with Vishal wooing Tamannaah to love her with some gimmicks and then she reciprocates too. But she has to seek the decision of her elder brother Jagapathi Babu, who happens to be the Deputy Commissioner. But sooner, Vishal reveals his true identity as CBI officer and conducts raid at his house to recover 250 Crore money that Jagapathi Babu had looted from a criminal before 6 months, handing just Rs.50 Crore to the Government. Sooner, the criminal who happens to be the owner of 300Cr gets out of prison to reveal that Vishal isn’t CBI officer, but he was his inmate in prison.


A poor version of Shankar’s Gentleman with sequences borrowed from Indian, Sivaji – The Boss and few more socio-commercial films, where the actual story isn’t more than last 20 minutes. For the rest with 2hr 10mins, you’ve to keep wondering what’s actually happening there on the screens. So much of annoyances and your patience are tested to the core. How could either producer or actor give a nod to such a script that completely possesses no story or a single gripping event? Or in other words, how did Suraj himself craft such a flimsy tale or how did it give him self-satisfaction. Right from the beginning till the end, there is nothing that actually impresses you. When it comes to technical part, the music by Hip Hop Tamizha is a major disappointment as in Kathakali. This young man has a huge fan following base and he has to work harder to retain them.


What made Vishal sign this film is the biggest question that strikes your mind instantly. Tamannaah looks too odd with her makeover and costumes, which are just skimpy, but not glamorous. She loses her beauteous looks that was portrayed in Baahubali – The Beginning and Devi(L). The comeback of Vadivelu was indeed one of the most expected elements here. When you expect the comeback of Vadivelu by second hour, it doesn’t help the film survive anywhere. Leave part the illogical stuffs; the basic premise of the film itself is totally fallible. The comedy tracks involving Soori in the first hour is too middling that you’ve to look upon where to laugh and where not to. Jagapathi Babu is the most versatile actor, but we never see any Tamil filmmaker utilising him properly and even this isn’t an exception. We see in a stereotypical role and he is someone, who can get a huge role to score on pars with A-league actor.

What works?

Nothing really works out here, except few comedies of Soori

What doesn’t work?

You have it in ‘What works?’ column mentioned above

Kaththi Sandai is a huge disastrous experience to watch, where it stumbles now and getting you lose the patience.

Verdict : A soulless film without a tale and proper narration.

Rating : 3/10

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