5 songs that blew up with shocking twists by the tale

5 songs that blew up with shocking twists by the tale

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Songs are always the bliss for any movie and it indeed acts as a refreshing moment, when there is some tensed up sequences projected there… But then, there are few songs that would intensely have a twist in the song itself or somewhere exactly immediate before or after the track is placed in the film. Of course, there are many numbers that have been such illustrative and we bring you few songs that had its realms for not alone the fantabulous music for the situational placement.

1. Un Mela Aasai (Aayirathil Oruvan)

This song was highly talked upon right from the time of audio launch, especially for the special invitees for whom the song was screened on a Sunday morning. But apparently, when the visuals had its screening, the picturing and choreography for Karthi, Andrea and Reema Sen was highly appreciated, but the song had a twist of hallucinations and illusions for Andrea and immediately the next was a shocking turn of the characters shooting each other.

2. Nenjamellam Kadhal (Aayudha Ezhuthu)

Maniratnam always finds a unique way of picturing the songs. When we happened to hear this song ‘Nenjamellam Kadhal’ over CDs, we were highly engrossed and even went to the extent of gaining our very own assumptions that how romantic the visuals are going to be. But we get over the movie is an immediate bullet shot to Suriya’s head and it’s none other than Madhavan.

3. Thalli Pogathey (Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada)

You don’t need a better illustration than the video song that is virally turning to be a greater show now. Nearly for a year, the song has been haunting everyone’s senses and finally when we all happened to watch it over the screens, it was a sudden Goosebumps with a terrible accident with STR and Manjima Mohan on the bike hit by a lorry and this furthermore intensified the song….

4. Uyirin Uyire (Kaakha Kaakha)

We would preferably say that it was the trendsetting song, where the kind of narration the movie starts and the song feels the stronger thump. None expected that Suriya would be thrown out to the ridged house into the lake with severe bullets planted into his body and on drowning sees Jyothika as an illusion for the song ‘Uyirin Uyire’.

5. Why This Kolaveri (Moonu)

The whole world celebrated this song as it became an overnight hit, where the makers themselves would have not thought of its success. Unlimited versions, mash ups and everything that took up Tamil cinema to a much greater escalation, but what we saw on the screen was completely different. It was a love failure song as we all know it and by its end, we find a twist of Dhanush hallucinating over Shruthi Haasan into the dark seas by night, where he almost ends his life.

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