Sneak look – 5 attractions about Bale Vellaiya Theva

5 attractions about Bale Vellaiya Theva

Features 21-Dec-2016 2:59 PM IST RM Comments

Sasikumar-Tanya starrer ‘Bale Vellaiya Theva’ is scheduled for release on this Friday, here are 5 interesting things about the film and we bring you up that actually interests us to watch it.

1. Sasikumar has offered three different varieties of films in 2016 and the number of family audiences for his movies keeps gradually increasing. The brand ‘Sasikumar’ is always associated with decent elements in the film and Bale Vellaiya Theva is no exception.

2. A full length comedy caper is something a rarity these days and we don’t get to see them often. Bale Vellaiya Theva as mentioned by Sasikumar will be a full length comedy entertainer and for this long holiday, the entertainment is surely guaranteed.

3. Following the success of Kidaari, Darbukka Siva has offered some commendable music for this film and they’re almost the favourite of rural audiences now.

4. Usually Sasikumar films would have more prominence and importance for female characterizations, especially heroines. Newcomer Tanya, granddaughter of yesteryear late actor Ravichandran will definitely have a better mark of entry through this movie.

5. The others in the cast including Kovai Sarala would definitely amuse everyone out there in the film and since it is a comedy caper, every character has its own way to offer us best entertainment.

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