STR’s musical debut, Arya’s ‘No Beep’ request

On congratulating STR’s musical debut in Santhanam’s movie, Arya says jocularly ‘No Beep Song’ guys.

News 20-Dec-2016 3:48 PM IST RM Comments

Arya is always the friendliest person in the industry, where he never misses to appreciate and thank everyone across the industry for any of their accomplishments. In fact, he would personally standby the persons, who are going through toughest times. In fact, he shares such a wonderful bonding with STR and that’s how he gives his congratulations to the team of ‘Sakka Podu Podu Raja’ with a jocular statement. “STR as music director is phenomenal! But ‘No Beep Song’ please… Congrats guys!!!!”

Well, neither STR nor Santhanam have responded to the message on Twitter and we are sure they should have definitely cracked up a huge laughter on their personal calls for such is their friendly bonding.

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