Trisha pays homage to CM Jayalalitha’s Tomb

Actress Trisha on coming back from Kerala paid her final respect at J Jayalalitha’s Tomb.

News 15-Dec-2016 11:28 AM IST Top 10 Comments

Actress Trisha has always admired Late CM J Jayalalitha as an inspiring person and she has always been her ardent follower. While the actress tried to pay her final respects to late Chief Minister J Jayalalitha on the funeral day, she couldn’t make it due to heavy crowd at the venue that she go to keep turning over there nearly four times. The very next day morning, she had to leave for Kerala for a new project and she came Chennai yesterday morning. She came straight to the MGR memorial and paid her final respects to J Jayalalitha’s Tomb and she spoke to media saying, “It’s a huge loss for everyone not just Tamil Nadu, but for whole humanity.”

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