Aamir Khan requests, Rajinikanth refuses

Superstar Rajinikanth after attending special screening of ‘Dangal’, put down Aamir Khan’s offer to dub the Tamil version.

News 10-Dec-2016 10:43 AM IST RM Comments

It is a noteworthy fact that Superstar Rajinikanth happens to be the most fascinating personality in Indian film industry and shares a wonderful bonding with everyone, especially Bollywood. Aamir Khan in particular has been the favourite actor of Rajinikanth and the latter never missed to watch the films of Mr. Perfectionist. Significantly, Aamir Khan flew down to Chennai recently to screen ‘Dangal’ for Rajinikanth and his family including Dhanush. Soon after watching the film, Rajinikanth appreciated Aamir Khan’s fervent involvement on getting the real life pictorial performance through his characterization. But Thalaivar didn’t turn affirmative towards the offer from Aamir Khan for dubbing the Tamil version as he felt he wouldn’t be doing right justice to this colossal characterization.

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