Bogan Trailer Review

Stunning ‘Edit’ cuts, More visuals and Great performance with suspense elements still under wraps.

Features 5-Dec-2016 10:58 AM IST RM Comments

Right during the movie launch of ‘Bogan’, Prabhu Deva as a producer had mentioned that for those who felt ‘Romeo Juliet’ was a hit by chance, this movie would be definitely prove that the same team is highly talented and not just luck favoured them. When you’re watching the full length theatrical trailer of Bogan, you’ll definitely accept what Prabhu Deva told is somewhat true. When the film’s first look teaser was released before a month, it all gave a stupendous spell of fast cuts, where the ‘EDITOR’ ruled the show and yet again, he is the absolute showstopper, where he manages to show us lots of visuals. It is like almost the entire movie has been screened to us in a faster mode.

Hats off to the Editor for such a brilliant score and the same ‘Bogan’ theme music, which we would have felt to be a mediocre one when listening as track, becomes gripping here. Of course, we had mentioned in our music review that it would surely gain the momentum when heard with the visuals.

What we get to see from the trailer is that Jayam Ravi, Arvind Swamy and Hansika Motwani have play planned up and something goes wrong. Naturally, there seems to be a hinting option of a ‘Fantasy’ play out here. It is obvious that both these actors – Jayam Ravi and Hansika Motwani are really handsome and it is evident both of them are going to be villainous too. We can prepare ourselves that both of them are showcasing a trenchant performance. Hansika Motwani isn’t here just for the glamorous appeal, but has some serious and emotional quotients too. Akshara Gowda isn’t seen much in the screen except few shots. D Imman’s musical pattern of Orch Hits for the abrupt cuts of editor slightly reminds of his similar pattern in ‘Miruthan’ trailer too.

Overall, the ‘Bogan’ trailer gives a vivacious and exciting feel to the audiences raising the expectations for the full show. Especially, it completely vanishes off the Jayam Ravi-Arvind Swamy starrer magnum opus ‘Thani Oruvan’ impact.

Verdict : Stunning ‘Edit’ cuts, More visuals and Great performance with suspense elements still under wraps.

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