Bogan Music Review

Bogan has three tracks that immediately strike your senses and remaining would take its time.

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Bogan has kept its expectations hooked up ever since the announcement was made that ‘Thani Oruvan ‘combo of Arvind Swamy-Jayam Ravi are teaming up again. With the inclusion of gorgeous Hansika Motwani and the scintillating first look teaser, Bogan is surely the expected film of this season and D Imman has composed music for this movie, directed by Lakshman.

Damaalu Dumeelu
Singer: Anirudh
Lyrics: G. Rokesh

This is really going to be a real thundering impact in the theatres with the fans gonna get their celebrations reaching the peak. It carries the punch dialogues of heroes of Tamil Cinema starting from MGR to the latest Dhanush. The greatest highlight is Kamal Haasan’s lines that offer best moments followed by Rajinikanth too. Moreover, it is G Rokesh who gives his usual pattern of lyrics with the Chennai slang Tamil. Overall composing sounds more similar to ‘Dandanakka’ from Romeo Juliet, ‘Aaluma Doluma’ from Vedalam…

Singer: Luksimi Sivaneswaralingam
Lyrics: Thamarai

These days, D Imman has become so much obsessed with heavy instrumentals. Be it a fat beat Kuthu number or the melodic strokes, they have been an intriguing part of this songs. This song brings up more of this sort, but it is Luksimi Sivaneswaralingam making a tremendous spell with her bold and sassy voice. When it comes to the musical part, it’s the guitars that work more magic and by the second interludes, the bagpipes bring up more beauty that travels by the second verses too. It would surely have a big depth for the sultry elements you can find with the voice itself and so should be the visuals from Hansika Motwani and Jayam Ravi.

Kooduvittu Koodu
Singer: Jyoti Nooran, Arvind Swamy
Lyrics: Madhan Karky

The overall song brings a slight impression of ‘Sei Yedhaavadhu Sei’ from Yuvan Shankar Raja’s Billa 2007, but that doesn’t prolong for a very long time. Aravind Swamy reciting the antagonistic-philosophical lines steals our attention, but the vocalism by Jyoti Nooran is really spellbinding. This singer is sure to get heavy downpour of offers in the music industry, but D Imman could have avoided the English chorus, which sounds like a nursery rhyme.

Yaro Yaro Avan
Singer: Vijay Prakash
Lyrics: Aravi

Vijay Prakash just takes his swift of voice to the unbelievable scales that no other singer of these current times could make it happen. It looks like a song set in the backdrops of a serious situation. It is so much evident that the interludes that come heavy packed with instrumentals would have some breathtaking edge-seated drama happening there. Not to miss the fusion like interlude that comes with Vijay Prakash’s Carnatic and Venna, percussions, et al. But the lines might take some time for the general audiences or listeners to grasp it.

Vaarai Vaarai
Singer: Shankar Mahadevan and Shreya Ghoshal
Lyrics: Madan Karky

Nothing much of a bigger impression and it’s yet another sultry number, which goes on like a poetry recital by Shankar and Shreya in more portions. It starts with the famous classic Tamil song ‘Vaarai Nee Vaarai’. It has lots of instrumentals and orchestral stuffs, but it would be gaining more impact only for the sake of glamorous appeal by the missy out there on the visuals for this song.

Senthoora (Reprise)
Singer: Inno Genga
Lyrics: Thamarai
English Lyrics: Inno Genga

The song comes with the same composing from the No. 2 track, but with the male version rendered by Inno Genga, which gets new colour. But D Imman could have tried up something unique with the reprised version, with just pianos and mild strings, which would give good feel of a melodious touch.

Spooky Bogan – Theme Music

Raciness is felt throughout the track with some special sound effects, but the whistles and chorus together offers a jarring effect, which could have been properly balanced. The places, where it requires metal or distorted guitars end up with an ordinary result. But with visuals, things might be different.

As usual, much alike other albums from D Imman, Bogan too comprises of three Karaoke versions – Damaalu Dumeelu, Senthoora and Kooduvittu.

For the first time you hear the tracks from Bogan, ‘Damaalu Dumeelu’, ‘Senthoora’ and ‘Kooduvittu’ becomes your absolute choice and remaining tracks would have its results with the visuals. In this album, D Imman seems to have experimented something new and different from his erstwhile works. The songs involve lots of heavy packed instrumentals, which at times works best results and in few places noisy.

Verdict : Bogan has three tracks that immediately strike your senses and remaining would take its time.

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