Kahaani 2 Movie Review

Vidya Balan is the exclusive attraction followed by Sujoy’s narration.

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In 2012, the film ‘Kahaani’ directed by Sujoy Ghosh left everyone awestruck with its unconventionally taut mystery thriller elements, which propelled up further with fantabulous performance by Vidya Balan too. So how about Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh? Let us take sneak look into the analysis.


It all starts as a regular day for Durga Rani Singh (Vidya Balan) as she gets everything ready for her wheel chair ridden daughter Mini (Naisha Singh) and rushes to work. She has almost set everything perfect to fly USA for treatment of her leg paralyzed daughter. But as Durga returns back home, she is shocked to see her daughter go missing. On her way to find the daughter, Durga gets hit by accident dropping her in coma. Inspector Indrajith (Arjun Rampal) sets down the line to investigate this mishap and is shocked to see that identity of Durga Rani Singh completely matches with someone named Vidya Sinha, whom he met before few days. What’s the secret between these two identities and who has kidnapped her daughter is all unraveled over the second hour.


Sujoy Gosh after offering a nitty-gritty thriller ‘Kahaani’ was in depth looking out for something new and fresh to keep us engrossed. His attempts failed with ‘Hamaari Adhoori Kahani’ and ‘Te3N’. All these movies had some impressive plot, but more raw emotions. But then, he is back with some appreciable and hard-hitting script work in ‘Kahaani 2’. We would like to mention this to the ones willing to watch the film is not to draw comparisons with the first and second installment. To be more precise, Kahaani 2 in no way linked to the 2012 hit movie again featuring Vidya Balan in lead role. It is a fresh script under the franchise of Kahaani, where again the run continues for the search to be gratified. One minute into the film, even before the opening credits are completed, we are straightly introduced into the plot. We get to see the actual drama with the tension building up towards a heavy punch of intermission. But sooner, we are pulled back to the chairs with slow moments, where it slightly loses the raciness. Nevertheless, it all reaches the exact point of engagements by the pre-climax to the conclusive chapter. Although the songs aren’t really necessary for this film, Clinton gets some attention through his background score, which are too mild and helps in building the tension throughout the movie. Cinematography is the ultimate pick, where we are pulled into the frame of gloomy days and raw unpainted walls of police station.


No Doubt! The word ‘Kahaani’ itself would go unnoticed if you don’t have Vidya Balan in there. She pulls off an intriguingly overpowering performance throughout the film. How many actresses would dare to appear without facial makeovers? Be the sequences, where she tries to unravel the mystery behind the hapless Mini, the scene where she confronts in hospital to save the little girl and what not? The very intense next-to-last 15 minutes followed by climax. She is extraordinary!

Arjun Rampal bestows us with an appreciable performance, where he doesn’t need to flex his muscles, but his earnest mannerisms and body language are intensely on its best. Naisha Singh as Mini and her childhood version girl are best in their own style of performance. Although Amba Sanyal, the notorious granny appears only in miniscule portions, she is just perfect.

What works?

1. Vidya Balan
2. Racy first hour with twists and turns
3. Cinematography and BGM

What doesn’t work?

1. Drop of momentum by second hour
2. Songs

On the whole, with a gripping tale (though not powerful as 2012 Kahaani), Sujoy Gosh manages to offer his best and nuance performance of Vidya Balan pulls off the greatest scores for this second installment under this franchise.

Verdict : Vidya Balan is the exclusive attraction followed by Sujoy’s narration.

Rating : 5.5/10

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