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An album with commercially appealing elements.

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A routine track from Harris Jayaraj that comes with an usual pattern of funny vocabularies that are tailor made for this musician’s factors. Yes, O Sone Sone is a decent start to this album and the song mixing with special effects that you could hear in the perfect surround system is the stunning highlight. Some of the rap lines reminiscences like ‘Iru Mugan Settai’. Javed Ali makes an impulsive appeal with his rendition and it’s sure to get a great response in the theatres.

Mudhal Murai
Vocals: Harish Raghavendra, Swetha Mohan, N.S.K Ramya and Karthik
Lyrics : Thamarai, N.S.K Ramya

Just look into the category of singers and you’ll know how special it is. Your assumptions about this bunch would be a mellisonant song and yes, it all strikes with the same impact, where we find Swetha Mohan gracefully it done with her honeyed voice and Harish Raghavendra after a long time making an impressive appeal. Not to miss the man of track – Karthik who keeps up his unique touch and N.S.K. Ramya too embellishes the song with her beautiful rendition. Above all, it’s the lyrical lines by Thamarai that keeps it more engrossed and it is surely an overnight hit in the album.

Universal Cop
Vocals: Christoper, Dinesh Kanagarathnam and Krish
Lyrics : Vivek, Dinesh Kanagarathnam

Harris Jayaraj seems to have been smug-bitten by Adele’s Skyfall as the song slightly gets a faster version of that trademark factor. It would have been nice if Harris Jayaraj had tried this song with a female voice, which could have been a seduced voice about a macho. The lyrics are so ordinary and it could have been yet much better. It sounds like a montage song and would be occurring in the backdrops when ‘Singam’ is on mission.

S3 Vetta (Theme Music)
Vocals: Mc Vickey

Here is something that you would have been waiting to listen. The theme music of Singam 3 and it has all elements that would getting the screams and whistles in theatres with the action packed avatar of Singam. It looks like the makers wanted to have a DSP element and the voice of Mc Vickey almost sounds similar to Devi Sri Prasad.

He’s My Hero
Vocal: Malavika Manoj
Lyrics: Hari and Malavika Manoj

Significantly, it’s yet another track that comes with a colloquial package of English and Tamil, which might brew up lately in time. A jazz based number and that has a good rendition by Malavika Manoj.

Wi Wi Wi Wi Wifi
Vocals: Karthik, Nikita Gandhi and Christopher
Lyrics: Hari and Harris Jayaraj

A peppy number made up for the commercial package of this film and Harris Jayaraj tries to propel up his usual strokes upon this movie. Nikita Gandhi pushes up the song to the best levels with her sassy voice and Karthik does justice to his portions. The lyrical lines by Hari and Harris Jayaraj are okay to impress the commercial song lovers.

Mission To Sydney
Vocals: Lady Kash
Lyrics : Hari, Lady Kash

Yet another montage based mass number, which the title itself signifies and it would get along well with the visuals. There isn’t much to look upon the lyrical lines by Hari and Lady Kash, but it’s a signature made tune for ‘Durai Singam’ lovers.

Overall, Singam 3 is a well packaged album for the commercial zone and some of them sounding like a montage song would get its right appeal with the visuals. For now ‘O Sone Sone’ and ‘Mudhal Murai’ stand out to be immediate attractions.

Verdict : An album with commercially appealing elements.

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