Dear Zindagi Movie Review

A splendid film with beautiful message on life and love for life.

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While her debut directorial ‘English Vinglish’ traversed through the life of an upper-middle class woman, the turmoil and confusions in balancing her dreams and family, Gauri Shinde takes a step ahead into the contemporary lives of teenagers, where their oddness, aversions, fears and insecurities with Dear Zindagi. The film features Alia Bhatt as the protagonist and Shahrukh Khan in an extended cameo role.

Alia Bhatt is a budding cinematographer, who has some issues of maintaining a strong relationship in love. She has already messed up with her life and that’s when situations urge her to fly down from Mumbai to her hometown Goa. With her days and nights not getting well with her own insecure thoughts, her life takes a turn when she meets Dr. Jehangir Khan (Shahrukh Khan), a psychiatrist.

Philosophical movies are not often a cup of coffee in Bollywood, but at times when it arrives from this mother of all industries, it offers a best dose of treat to the ones penchant over this. Watching Dear Zindagi is a sweetening experience as it focuses deeply delves into our abyss region, where the ‘FEAR OF SOMETHING’ lies beneath. Director Gauri Shinde could have made this film on a commercial note, which would have been pretty easier for audiences to connect the protagonist (Alia Bhatt) with. But she goes in a reverse order and that’s a way to look at life. She introduces a girl of strange and odd behaviour to us, where you start scolding her at times for constantly breaking up with relationships. You may get annoyed why this girl just breaks up with her boyfriends in fraction of moments. But guess what? She’s not a flirty type longing for casual relationship over physical fantasies, but she has her own pain and perplexed thoughts of what’s wrong with her. This is something not just being a girl, but many guys, men and women would relative with. Few have a ‘Fear of Failures’ in life, which makes them react oddly towards certain things. Workaholics are often considered money minded robots, but then they should have a sad reason stocked up in their abyss zone, which has to be solaced by none other than themselves. A deep thought over parenting is the main motto of Gauri Shinde’s Dear Zindagi and a message that comes clearly from Dr. Jehangir Khan (Shahrukh Khan) – Don’t let your past blackmail your present to ruin your future. Every time Shahrukh Khan interacts with Alia Bhatt and he gives an exercise to clear up her bundles of issues, it’s almost that we discover our fears. By the end of show, you walk out thinking if people had ever told – You’re insane, a weirdo, useless, arrogant, etc…. you would probably travel memory down the lane to see what the actual reason is. Technically, most of the songs comes up with guitar chords and breeziness, where it reminiscences of the songs from Sonam Kapoor’s Aisha. Cinematography across the sun kissing beaches of Goa and other backdrops are catchy.

Alia Bhatt takes a mammoth leap into the big league of performances. Just make this as a careful note, if you’re gonna yell or swear at her by the initial moments of the film, that’s because of her characterization and sooner you’ll feel sorry for doing so. Alia can ardently thank her director Gauri Shinde for getting her a much substantial role that every girl and guy can connect with. Guys don’t tell SRK doesn’t have any importance, please – He is just playing an extended cameo as Amitabh Bachchan/Ajith Kumar in English Vinglish. Shahrukh Khan just gives a good therapy and his mannerisms are so naturalistic throughout his portions. A huge surprise by Aditya Roy Kapoor by end of the show…. Kunal Kapoor is just awesome, where he comes back to the situation in convincing Alia Bhatt and so is the other character with whom she falls in love at first.

Dear Zindagi is a film to be watched not just by teenagers, but it’s a film that should be viewed together with family. It’s a film about life that gives a clear message – Discover your fears, get friendly with and banish them forever.

Verdict : A splendid film with beautiful message on life and love for life.

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