Kavalai Vendam Movie Review

Could have carried a better narration.

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Direction : Deekay
Production : RS Infotainment
Starring : Jiiva, Kajal Aggarwal, Bobby Simha, Sunaina
Music : Leon James
Cinematography : Abinandhan Ramanujam
Editing : T. S. Suresh

Making his debut with Yaamirukka Bayamey, filmmaker Deekay has set forth his second outing with ‘Kavalai Vendam’ starring Jiiva and Kajal Aggarwal in lead roles with Bobby Simha, RJ Balaji and Sunaina in important roles.


The film traverses through a simple plot of Jiiva and Kajal Aggarwal as childhood friends, later lovers and later a married couple for a day. Their marriage life doesn’t last for more than a day and now after few days she comes back for seeking divorce. Rest of the story unfolds with their close acquaintances and family that is narrated with fun, laughter and few emotions.


Joyful fun-loving film is what we were prompted up from Kavalai Vendam, which is a love story that seemingly caters to the ‘Teen’ groups. When you name this ‘Teen’, it’s obvious about its comprising ingredients and that’s what Kavalai Vendam is all about. Filmmaker Deekay has seemingly working carefree in many parts (careless in few parts though) with the motive of getting us hilarious in many places. Even some of the emotional scenes that were supposed to kindle up tears end up with funny quotients. Say for instance, the drama where Kajal Aggarwal is goofed up to point dummy gun at Jiiva in a surprised planned by their friends, Jiiva just sheds tears and the very next scene could have given her the signed divorce documents, but then it goes blank. Similarly, Mayilsamy reveals the truth to Jiiva after the buried past of his mother, but again it goes off funny in its continuity. If Deekay had refrained from mixing it up both fun and emotions in the single sequence, it would have gained up the best effects.

The hilarious episodes involving the characters would definitely sparkle up more fun and laughter in the theatres, especially if you’re friends in bunch and groups. But we aren’t sure if there are broad minded families out here in many regions to grasp up this tale. If you’re someone who are used to watch a film like ‘American Pie’ with your family, then Kavalai Vendam wouldn’t be a burden.

Musical score by Leon James is appreciable and cinematography with cool colours are the additional pluses. The costume designing and art works are yet another stroke of great attributes. But on the flip side, a strong writing and characterizations would have made it more appealing.


Nothing to blame upon the star-cast and their performances… Deekay has done a best job over casting and everyone has done their jobs perfectly. Jiiva fits very well to the role and even his smallest expressions and actions are good. The shots like him kicking the alarm clock signifies the million guys out here in our neighborhood. His dialogue deliveries as a rich boy with local slang has been fitting him fo ages. Kajal Aggarwal has pulled up more efforts into her role and she doesn’t depend just on her glamorous appeal, but has tried to showcase good importance to acting too. RJ Balaji is the ultimate showstopper, where he keeps tickling our funny bones throughout the show. Bala Saravanan limits himself to a certain extent and Mayilsamy is good too. Bobby Simha remains dumb and silent throughout the film and Sunaina gets a good start, but loses her prominence during the mid of film.

What works?

1. Star-cast and performance
2. Technical aspects including cinematography and music
3. Comedy sequences

What doesn’t work?

1. Old patterned story
2. Characterization

Kavalai Vendam is a feel-good love story that might have not a proper narration, but cater to the tastes of ‘Guys’ that are loaded with fun and laughter. But it lacks the punch of a good writing and narration including characterizations too.

Verdict : Could have carried a better narration.

Rating : 4.5/10

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