Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada Movie Review

A journey of boy turning into a man overnight presented with realistic and odd cinematic elements.

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Direction : Gautham Menon
Production : Ondraga Entertainment
Starring : Silambarasan, Manjima Mohan, Baba Sehgal
Music : A. R. Rahman
Cinematography : Dan Macarthur
Editing : Anthony

A long wait perhaps and it’s finally over. With the film Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada releasing worldwide today, we bring the exclusive analysis of this film featuring STR and Manjima Mohan in lead roles, directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon and AR Rahman composing music.


A young boy (STR) embarks on a road trip with his sweet heart Leela (Manjima Mohan), his young sister’s friend, which turns into an unexpected nightmarish experience that will change his life forever.


When the protagonist walks into a motel and insists upon his girl what she prefers – Single or two separate rooms, we get a finest answer from the belle. That’s where you’ll be unconsciously drawn towards making faint comparisons with hormone-ridden couple in Maniratnam’s O Kadhal Kanmani, where they go through similar situation. But we must admit Gautham Vasudev Menon gives a pretty groovy and an elite crafting over the sketch of this couple, who travel between the lines of friendship and love. Thanks to Gautham Vasudev Menon! He brings out an impeccable picturing of how an urban guy would treat his girl and vice versa. Of course, we did see Karthik turning irresistibly passionate towards Jessie during the train journey in VTV, but that’s at the best reality rather than getting too intimate. The filmmaker presents beautiful moments through the first half that turns up smile in more moment. And if you’re coming up with certain verdict that the story premise travels into a dark zone by second half with lack of romance, here it is justified. It’s not just cuddling and kisses that define ‘Love’, but standing by the side of your girl, holding her hands with a blurred anticipation of what’s next. Whereas in few parts, you do find Gautham making amicable placements to STR score for his fans, especially the climax portion. Of course, few lines do make his fans LOL – En Kadhai thaan Tamil Natukke Theriyume. One more highlighting trait is that GVM completely tries to keep away from the cinematic caricatures, particularly with the dressing sense of STR and Manjima. The way in few scenes, they’re really concerned about ethnic looks are really well placed and it reflects the real lives of youngsters.

But when you’re walking into the second half, it’s a nightmarish Road Rash enveloped with gun shots and bloodsheds. Yes, you’ve the definition by STR’s voice over in trailer ‘Anything can happen in life, but the question is if we are ready to face it’. It’s a film tailor made for urban and elite audiences with AR Rahman’s songs just sweeping you off the feet. It’s an unimaginable placement of ‘Thalli Pogathey’ that it occurs in a much unimaginable situation, where you’ll have the lump in throats and screams from your ribs. But we start loving AR Rahman more is the BGM, where he keeps scoring brownie points.

On the flip side, there are few elements that seem to be inserted intentionally to create a mass impact. Especially, the climax part that looks massy for STR fans, but little odd to the script. Special regards to the fantabulous visuals that thrusts up the beautiful visuals during first half and of course latter part with night time mostly dominating, we are so much impressed.


Everyone looks so natural from STR, Manjima Mohan to the least of gangsters you find there. STR has just breathed his emotions as a lover boy and action hero. His eye expressions are mannerisms are so much brilliant and AYM established Silambarasan in a much matured role. Manjima Mohan never looks like an exaggerated heroine and if you’re someone who want the girls on screens larger than lives, you might not like her. She is so naturalistic in her acting too. Choreographer Satish gives a great effort into the performance. Baba Sehgal, the Bollywood Pop Singer makes a dashing score as baddie. Daniel Balaji gets a huge applause with his introduction, but his role is just limited to chases and gun shots during a miniscule portion in second half.

What works?

1. AR Rahman
2. First Half
3. Cinematography and Editing

What doesn’t work?

1. Non-synch between first and second half
2. Odd climax seemingly tailor made for mass appeal.

With the film journeying through the phases of two different genres of romance in the first half and violent thriller during latter portion, lay people might not find this experiment more commendable in places, but of course, the presentation of visuals and music with nuance performance do keep it more appealing.

Verdict : A journey of boy turning into a man overnight presented with realistic and odd cinematic elements.

Rating : 5/10

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