How different is KIK from GV Prakash pattern?

RJ Balaji affirms that Kadavul Irukan Kumaru will be a decent family entertainer unlike GV Prakash’s erstwhile movies.

News 8-Nov-2016 12:12 PM IST RM Comments

Perhaps, almost all the recent films from GV Prakash have been titled as ‘Adult Comedy’ for having double meaning lines, stalking girls and some profane words too. But now, the music director-turned-actor seems to have taken a different route with Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru, directed by Rajesh. Unlike the previous films of GV Prakash, it would be a decent family entertainer and Rajesh has refrained the film from drinking and smoking scenes. Furthermore, RJ Balaji admits that there aren’t scenes like stalking girls and it would be a pretty decent film that one can watch with their family members. Apart from this, RJ Balaji assures that 10-minute sequence of ‘Pesuvadhellam Unmai’ featuring Oorvasi, GV Prakash, Anandhi and himself would be a great humour, which is based on one of the prominent TV shows that is bound to fun and controversies.

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