Shocking: Kodi and Kaashmora live-streamed from theatres

The pathetic scenario has hit the K-town, where audiences have live streamed the first day first show of Diwali releases from theatres.

News 1-Nov-2016 11:25 AM IST RM Comments

It is turning out to be more deplorable for the entire film industry, where the new level of piracy has hit the towns. It is such a disgrace from audiences who have been misusing the advancement of technology and it was a shocking moment to see the Diwali releases live streamed directly from the theatres on some Facebook pages. Reacting to these miscreants’ deeds, SR Prabhu of Dream Warrior Pictures, producer of Kaashmora has cited saying, “Theatre owners cannot be blamed for such activities and it is all up to an individual’s responsibility and decency to maintain a decorum. There is a misinterpretation among few groups of audiences that producers make easy money unknowing of the real pain and agony that one has to undergo while making a film.”

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